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zain1This bit of news is to all Zain pay-as-you-go subscribers. Zain recently announced different data plans and tariffs available on their network. While this is a good move from Zain, there is nothing innovative or attractive about the packages. It’s the same old game of, (“if your competition is offering something, offer the same to keep your existing customers”) that we’ve come to know the Nigerian business terrain for.

In order to get activated you either call Customer Care on 113 or Send an SMS with the word ‘internet phonebrand model’ to 232 e.g. “internet sonyericsson P910i” to receive your settings.

Once the settings have been received via SMS, accept, install or save the settings. If asked for a PIN, please use ‘0’ or ‘0000’.
Theoretically, you should be able to get 3G in places where Zain claims to have 3G coverage, but don’t bet on it. Zain claims to have 3G coverage in Suru-lere, for example, but I didn’t get any such signal when I attempted to activate the service on my line.

There’s also no 3G at Ojodu, and the EDGE signal has strayed in only once that we can remember. One question we are asking is why Zain expects anyone to use GPRS (and sometimes EDGE) at those very low speeds at the same tariff available for 3G/3.5G on other networks.

For those of who are already using data services on Zain, feel free to comment and let us know your observations.

Find below the data packages and prices of Zain:

Zain One Day (50MB bundled). Cost: N500.00. Activation code: *141*712*3#

Zain Lite (100MB bundled). Cost: N1,000.00. Activation code: *141*712*4#

Zain Pro 24/7 – 30 days Plan (1GB bundled). Cost: N5,000.00. Activation code: *141*712*1#

Zain Max – 30 days Plan (3GB bundled). Cost: N10,000.00. Activation code: *141*712*2#


  1. Well it true that Zain claims to have 3G service in Lagos.

    The truth is that i have not been able to use the 3G service provided by Zain, this is simply because it not active in my area and also in other places i’ve been to in Lagos, well i think it’s only available to people using the Data Enabled Sim.

    I have a Nokia N95 8GB and now N96. All i see is Edge only not 3G.
    Well maybe there’s a way of activating it which i didn’t know.

    Zain internet service “sucks” check out MTN and GLO then you’ll know what i mean.

    Please help me tell them to increase the speed, you’ll have to wait ages to download a file of 150MB or to make a Nokia firmware upgrade.
    Guess what? It’ll be better someday, then i’ll return but now MTN na Baba LOL

  2. is it true when the sim card is activated, it can be use with phones too without their equipment?

  3. does ti mean that there is no free code for those of us using he data card for zain? i maen the charges are too much and i think they ve got consider students.besides the speed is damn too slow.well i think we all ve to coperate and quit zain at the same time so that they can know what they are up to

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