Zain: Going, Going, Going… to Vivendi?

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zain-vivendiBusinessDay reports that French telecoms operator, Vivendi, has won the bid for African network, Zain.

Another re-branding nightmare for Zain Nigeria?

History: Econet Wireless to Vodacom to Vmobile to Celtel to Zain
Future: Vivendi (?)

If this deal goes through, shall we hope that Vivendi won’t opt to sell out again in another two years?

One thing must be said though, it has been a surprise – and a pleasant one too – how the 0802/0808 network has managed to provide relatively stable services (at least with voice) inspite of the constant corporate skin changes.

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  1. Is it legal to constantly sell a network license the way companies have been buying and selling it?we are not even sure if Vivendi will last.Bro Yomi, do have any idea why Zain is selling?

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    Rumours of the bid for Zain had been in the news for some time now (past two months actually). Now that Vivendi has won bid, i hope they have a better structured game plan in their agenda.

  3. I’m not sure how this is playing out, but I just picked up from a source that Vivendi has backed out of the Zain deal. Other feelers are that Etisalat is interested in Zain too.

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