Casual internet users on the Zain network can now take advantage of Zain’s monthly ‘Zain Lite’ plan at the cost of only N1, 000 monthly.

Zain introduces N1,000 Monthly Internet Access

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Casual internet users on the Zain network can now take advantage of Zain’s monthly ‘Zain Lite’ plan at the cost of only N1, 000 monthly.

From Zain:

“Get connected to high speed internet access monthly on your phone by activating GPRS on your phone, recharge with N1000 and migrate by dialing *141*712*4#”

This gives the subscriber a 30-day subscription with a 100mb data cap, so it is perfect for casual internet users for on-phone usage only. This plan suits those who use the internet mostly at the office but would love to be able to check the odd mail, check out their favourite mobile-friendly discussion forum (stay with mobile versions of websites only!), and get bite-sized information once in a while and during weekends outside the office.

Good move by Zain!

PS: Zain, you still need to extend your EDGE, 3G and 3.5G coverage within Lagos please!


  1. Hmm! Just what the doctor ordered! Running this package with opera mini will suit me well.
    Nice move, Zain! But please work on your coverage: I still have not seen the 3G signal symbol on my phone!!!

  2. Wow! This is a welcome move by Zain! It makes economic sense & its quite convinient. I think i might re~consider trying to activate my Zain line. I would love to see similar data plans by the others maybe even weekly packages – that would make more sense than the current daily plans!

  3. Brym, I haven’t seen that 3G icon/signal either. Worse, I hardly see the EDGE icon/signal too 🙁

  4. I have a Zain Data Sim Card. Can i use it for the Lite data plan or is it meant for only the normal sim cards ? Also does any of d 3 other networks offer a similar data plan ?

  5. Azeez, if you can use your data SIM for other plans, I’m betting that you can for Zain Lite as well.

    Nope; none of the others have a similar package to Zain Lite at the moment. But if history is anything to learn from, we can expect one or two others to do a copy-cat job soon 😀

  6. please allow me make an enquiry
    this new package, is it applicable outside Lagos? and can I browse with the laptop via the phone?
    thank you

  7. Chikere, the service is available everywhere Zain has GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA coverage. And yes; you can use a phone with built-in modem to use the connection on your laptop.

  8. I,ve tried to set up zain’s config. but isn’t responding, am I missing something?
    please could I get a step-by-step format of settings?
    I’ll be most grateful.
    I’m enjoying the MTN’S bundles thru your settings 😉

  9. I’ve finally got it ova zain’s website.
    thanx for the exposure
    more success

  10. Am sobur olalekan have being trying my best to connect my second but its so hard.pls send the settings to me on 08025106071.and also is it possible to browse with desktop using zainlite.note the tariff for zain internet browsing is too high.

  11. Zain lite is a nice plan.
    You can use it on your phone and also on your laptop or desktop.
    All you need is a modem or use your phone as modem if you can.
    The only thing is its speed.
    I suppose they should increase their 3G coverage.
    Zain na Baba.
    I use it on my phone.

  12. Wow!this is very okay for someone like me who likes accessing internet most of the time but I gat no much time to sit with the computer but I could do so now with this new subscription from zain.Thanks!and what a wonderful world!

  13. Zain mobile internet has come to stay. I’ve been using it for close to two months and i’ll say I made a wise choice.
    I use it with opera mini and e buddie for browsing and chating respectively, it’s really a superb combination.
    It’s a wonderful world from zain .

  14. good day
    pls i wud like to use zain lite on my pc, but i m so scared cos of the 100mb although i just plan on using it for normal net surfing and no downloads. is it a pc friendly package?

  15. Enoma,

    Zain Lite can be used on your PC, but you need to remember the 100mb limit. 100mb can disappear quickly if you visit heavy webpages.

  16. Pls, i wld like to know how to browse on my pc using my phone with zain sim. Thnks

    Sent on a phone using

  17. Someone should please tell MTN to introduce this package i hate having to carry more than one cell phone

  18. How many hows does it require an individual to browse for a day in other not to exhaust all the 30 days browsing by zain

  19. I use Zain lite with my opera mini and its giving me high blood pressure wit its numerous “try agains”

  20. Pls, what is the code to subscribe to the Zain of N5,000 monthly and the code to check my remaining bundle. thanks in anticipation. pls reply as soon as possible.

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