The middle finger: ZTE Iceberg has two notches and a glass frame

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A lot of people are irate about smartphone displays that have a notch at the top. While some manufacturers are exploring innovative ways to discard the notch, ZTE has gone the other way and come up with a phone that has two notches – one at the top and the other at the bottom. If that isn’t the ultimate act of giving the middle finger, we do not know what is.

And to push the act of rebellion to extreme proportions, instead of a metal frame, the ZTE Iceberg has a glass frame. Yes; glass.

ZTE iceberg with two notches an glass frame

The two notches house front-facing speakers to give the Iceberg stereo speakers. Well, that makes sense. We like. Perhaps you might like the idea too. But what is with the glass frame? Here is what we have:

The ZTE Iceberg uses a seamless glass connection technique to combine two pieces of glass as one unibody, which makes the phone resemble a fragment of ice. The four corners of the phone are transparent to reveal the essential beauty of the glass material. The effect is beautiful and mysterious.

So, the glass chassis has no functional value. It is all about the aesthetics. It sounds intriguing, we admit. But the ZTE Iceberg will be a very fragile smartphone. We do not see how even the strongest Gorilla Glass will make it otherwise.

Just imagine it drop from your hand to the ceramic or concrete floor. Did your head swoon at the thought? It doesn’t matter what part of the phone makes first contact with the ground, it will be glass against that hard floor.

Slow Down

What else do we know about this mysterious phone? Not much. We do know that it will have wireless charging and it will not hit the market this year. Bummer. If this phone excites you, be ready for a long wait.



  1. Well I’ve seen some stupid things in my life, and this effortlessly joins the list.

    If stereo speakers were so important, they could have positioned them at the top and bottom of the phone or on the back.

    As for the glass frame, there’s no excuse, it’s just being different for the sake of being different.

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