ZTE logo gets a makeover

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If you read our infographic post on ZTE’s new M-ICT strategy, did you notice any difference in the logo? You didn’t?


Well, the ZTE logo in that article is new. To further promote a corporate identity that lines up with that new strategy to focus on transformative value-added M-ICT innovations, ZTE has introduced a redesigned logo. The rounded design and lighter color of the new ZTE logo dovetails with the company’s new CGO philosophy (Cool – Green – Open), which will drive innovations that are dynamic, youthful and compelling to users, sustainable and environmentally responsible, as well as open-minded and collaborative.

Have a look at the new and old logos side by side:
ZTE logo - old new

What do you think of the new ZTE logo compared to the old?


  1. usually don’t pay attention to stuff like logos, but the new logo’s a major upgrade on the old one. also ditching the Chinese characters may be an indication that ZTE’s preparing to make a push in the international market

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