Zuckerberg spent $30 million for his privacy; What will yours cost you?

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What is the value of your privacy? Have you ever asked yourself that question? You may already be aware of the 2013 story of how Facebook’s. Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, spent over $30 million to purchase the four buildings around his home in order to secure his privacy. The story is that Zuckerberg found out that a developer wanted to purchase one of those surrounding homes and used the fact that Zuckerberg lived next to it as a marketing pitch.


To protect his privacy, Mark spent over $30 million in purchasing the homes around him to serve as a buffer. Not a bad strategy. It is very ironic though, considering how Facebook is not big on privacy.

The million dollar (or 10 kobo) question is, What is your privacy worth to you? What would you be willing to do, how far would you be willing to go, how much would you be willing to spend, to protect your privacy, either online or offline? Or put differently, what will securing your privacy cost you? Talk to me, people!


  1. I would spend ANYTHING to secure my security. But, spending to protect privacy? What privacy?

    Or, are we using privacy and security synonymously, here!

  2. I’ve wondered how I would do this in Nigeria. Across from us is a 3-story building, and a couple of compounds away is a 3-story school. I’ve burned rubbish in the compound only to look up to see a bunch of school children watching me.

    Don’t think I’d be buying up the buildings around me in a hurry; and if I did, I’d make farms of the lot!

  3. You want me to be happy he spent $30million dollars just on rubbish well thatz how it is illuminati will never help the poor masses rather they will steal the one you have… You guys should stop updating things like this on your blog cos you will also be a pataker of there evil acts.

  4. Wow that’s huge amount of money spent for privacy and per your question i can’t spent any amount necessary as far as i have it just like him because the main reason how spent such money is that i has it.

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