Back in April, I wrote a piece titled Backup and Synchronize Your Contacts, Pictures, SMS and Calendar with ZYB. Unfortunately, Zyb has left many subscribers

Zyb Cuts Off Users

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zyblogoBack in April, I wrote a piece titled Backup and Synchronize Your Contacts, Pictures, SMS and Calendar with ZYB.

Unfortunately, Zyb has left many subscribers with a bad taste in their mouths. Here is the story.

I needed to synchronise my contacts to a device I was testing, so I logged into my Zyb account two days ago to have the Zyb sync settings sent to the phone by SMS.

The first thing I noticed on logging in was that my account was reading, “Set location”, though I had registered with my full details, including selecting Nigeria as my country way back.

When I clicked through to set my location, presto! – instead of the extensive list of over 100 countries that had been there for years, I met a very concise list of a handful of countries. The majority of countries, who had been on the list before, had been cut-off.

The bad part is that I never got a notification from Zyb that they were pruning their service. Yet, Zyb regularly sent reminders that I haven’t synced my contacts, so it is clear that they have the capacity to notify users of a change of this magnitude. Perhaps they did send the notification, but it got lost in transit?

Anyway, I have suddenly discovered that I have been cut off. So, here I am with 492 contacts in my Zyb account, and I cannot synchronise them with any device at all.

This is NOT the way to provide service. A thumbs-down to Zyb on this one. Oh, yes; and a goodbye too.

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  1. Yomi, i thought i was d only one dat got dat shock from ZYB. When i wanted to update my contacts, I noticed dat Nigeria & some countries were missing from d list. I am gonna give MTN BACKUP a trial & see what they gat for us. I learnt dat first snychronisation is 100 Naira & subsequent ones will be 50 Naira. Also u can do a sim backup with it.
    Yomi, pls give us info on other backup service providers.

  2. U can try Nokia Ovi sync or instead not so sure of MTN Backup, i’m also a user of zyb though Nigeria is no longer listed on the service page u can still retrieve your contacts by manually configuring your syncml client
    this is the configuration settings for ZYB`
    Port:80 or in some phones use
    allow all sync request:Yes
    accept all sync request:Yes
    Remote database:contacts
    Remote database:calendar
    remote database:note

    I stop using zyb because of its duplication of contacts,
    hope this helps

  3. Hi Guys Sorry to hear that you are expereincing such bad service form your sync provider. If just hold on just a bit longer we will be bringing our Sync service to Nigeria.

    The sync service is called Mobisync which goes live with CellC South Africa soon. Mobisync Is powered by Funamabol, Funambol is the world’s largest Open source sync providers used and downloadded more than 150 000 times , it is alos compatible with more than 1 million different devices.


    Technical Director
    MobiSync South Africa

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