Android apps on Chromebooks now have support for extended display mode

Chromebooks extended display mode

Users of Chromebooks which connect to external monitors will be pleased to know that their devices now get support for Android apps when in extended display mode. This is because Google is working on more native behavior of apps in Chrome OS. Now, these apps will not stay locked to the primary display. Now, these apps will act just like any other window, letting users to reposition them anywhere on the main screen or their additional monitors. Furthermore, the system will remember the position of the apps. Thus, if the…

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Lenovo Flex 11: If you need a cheap laptop that can withstand serious falls

lenovo flex 11

There has been much ado in recent times about lots of laptops with various amazing features and qualities. However, a lot of these laptops are valued at around $1,000 or thereabouts. Obviously this would not do for someone on a budget who needs a laptop. That is where the Lenovo Flex 11 comes in. This device is one of the few good Chromebooks you can find for less than $500 that actually work as well as one would want. The Lenovo Flex 11 is a Chromebook built to withstand damage,…

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Duolingo creators launch learning app Tinycards


Learning can be a pretty difficult process at times. however, nowadays there are various tools to help us learn when we need to. These include various apps. One of the most popular apps for learning a new language is Duolingo, which one of the most downloaded educational apps. It is also one of the few free language apps which offer practical lessons in a variety of languages. Now, the creators of this popular and useful app have tried their hand in a new app to help people learn, known as…

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In some parts of the world, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a person to find a job he/she loves. However, when it comes to tech-related jobs, it has been made a bit easier for people to find jobs. Two former Google engineers created a startup, known as, and the app aims to help people looking for tech jobs to find them. To start searching for jobs on, you need to sign up on the app’s website or…

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Gmail for iPhone now has anti-phishing check

gmail anti-phishing check

In May, there was a phishing scam making the rounds on Gmail. However, Google acted fast to shut it down before it caused too much damage. A little while later, the company added an extra security measure to Gmail for Android that flags shady links in messages, which could try to carry out such a phishing scam. Now, Google has added the same anti-phishing check to Gmail for iOS. Here’s a statement from Google on the subject: “Going forward, when you click on a suspicious link in a Gmail message…

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