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Short Story: Loving In Pain Because Lagos Is Not Wakanda

loving in pain movie download

Mister Mo was thankful to be able to kick off his shoes and strip down to his boxers. What would be the point of dressing like T’Challa in the sweltering heat of Lagos? Lagos is not Wakanda, please.

This smartphone-powered laptop by Razer is a brilliant idea

This smartphone-powered laptop is a brilliant idea

We have seen a few attempts at using a smartphone to power a PC. Microsoft has Continuum. Samsung has their DeX Station. Razer’s smartphone-powered laptop offers a more portable, convenient solution.

Google Pay Replaces Android Pay and Google Wallet

Google Pay Android app

Google’s payment apps, Android Pay and Google Wallet, are going away, but not leaving users like you out in the cold. The two apps have been replaced by a new, unified one called Google Pay.

Are WileyFox mobile phones going away as the company struggles?

wileyfox mobile phones

WileyFox is a manufacturer of budget 4G smartphones has gone into administration due to the company’s financial struggles. The question now remains whether WileyFox mobile phones will soon be history.

MechDome wants to bring Android apps to Windows 10

android apps to windows 10

A company named MechDome says it is bringing Android apps to Windows 10 without any changes to the apps’ source codes, and that the converted APKs will run on all Windows 10 smartphones, tablets, and PCs.