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Our History

Since 2008, MobilityArena has been teaching and showing people how to use mobile phones, services and apps for work and life in general. MobilityArena founder Yomi Adegboye first started blogging in 2004 to share useful information and tips from his experiences with using smartphones and mobile internet since 2002. This was long before the average Nigerian knew what a smartphone was.

MobilityArena started as a one-man blog. Today, it is run by a team of capable hands and has a reach that has outgrown its initial core Nigerian audience. It reaches hundreds of thousands of unique visitors in over a hundred countries. It is one of the largest and most respected digital platforms out of the African continent. Our clientele list includes some of the top brands in the mobile and telecoms world.

Quick Facts About MobilityArena

  • Over 6,500 articles and 42,000 comments from 2008
  • Detailed device reviews from real life usage
  • How-to articles to help you solve common problems with your devices
  • Articles written in easy-to-understand, natural language
  • Special deals on brand new devices, as well as bargain prices for review devices

Why People Read MobilityArena

World Class Content
“The quality of the writing and content on the site is world class and the site has an international following.” – Dennis Bournique,

The only African mobile tech destination
“Mobility is the only African mobile tech blog I visit daily. My other daily mobile destinations are PhoneArena and GSMArena.” – Brymay Osah

“You guys publish the best phone reviews of any Nigerian website, and even better than some foreign ones. You truly deserve multiple pats on your back.” – Ifeanyi Uzoma

“Your reviews are wonderful, straight to the point and very, very truthful.” – Kayode Sokunbi

Tech Lite!
“If you want me to read tech stuff which can be ‘heavy’ most times, make it look ‘light’. In Nigeria, only Mobility Blog succeeds at this!” – Kathleen Ndongmo


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Meet Our Founder

Read up about Yomi Adegboye, founder and owner of Mobility Arena.

In the Press

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Disclosure & Ethics Statement

MobilityArena is in no way officially affiliated with any mobile brands. Our reviews are free and we aim to be unbiased in all our content. We do occasionally receive free products from brands/vendors that we review or discuss. Separate from our independent reviews, we also provide commercial marketing and PR services to brands, some of whose products we review. However, we make it a distinction to maintain our editorial independence in our standard reviews at all times, including in situations where we have received gifts or have provided paid services.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Mobility Arena employees, attorneys, and agents (“Indemnitees”) against all claims, expenses, liabilities, losses, costs, and damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees, that the Indemnitees may incur (i) in connection with your use of the Site, or any hyperlinked web site or (ii) resulting from content you supply.

While we aim to provide you with free and useful information, you consume, use and apply information published on Mobility Arena at your own risk.

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Since 2008, MobilityArena has been teaching and showing people how to use mobile phones, services and apps for work and life in general.
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