Thu. May 30th, 2024

We have compiled a few tutorials and guides to help you get the best out of using your cell phone, whether it is an Apple iPhone, Android smartphone, or a lowly dumb phone. We keep adding new guides to this page, so check back regularly!

  1. Choosing a mobile/cell phone
  2. How to cancel your Netflix membership
  3. How to get better battery life on your smartphone
  4. How to switch to a new phone without losing your Contacts
  5. 3G/4G drains battery faster than Wifi
  6. What to do if your iPhone heats up
  7. How to tell if your cell phone has been hacked
  8. How to get rid of a hacker from your iPhone
  9. How to take better pictures with your smartphone
  10. How to take the best photos with your iPhone 13 Pro

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