Is there really a JEXI phone AI?

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JEXI is a 2019 movie that is themed around a young man with a phone that has artificial intelligence named JEXI built in. If you are wondering if a JEXI phone really exists, among other questions from the movie, I am here to help with answers.

The main character of the movie is named Phil. He is a social hermit, a recluse with no social interactions or relationships. He does not have any friends and has no girlfriend either. He is a geeky/nerdy type who is completely addicted to his phone.

JEXI smartphone

He has to upgrade his phone and picks one that offers an interesting feature – an AI-powered virtual assistant called JEXI. With the help of this new companion, he begins to get his life in order and reaches out to make friends. But the more JEXI helps Phil live better, the more JEXI develops the personality of a jealous lover and seeks to sabotage him in order to keep Phil to herself.

Suddenly, this cool piece of tech is a nightmare that Phil did not see coming. JEXI is acting on its own initiative and making decisions against Phil’s will. And it isn’t holding back in doing whatever it takes to achieve its goals. Imagine an AI system that has access to your contacts, schedules, finances, et al., and uses them all to sabotage your every move. That is JEXI.

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Is there really a JEXI phone?

I imagine that this is the top question on the minds of many people who have seen the movie. As of today in 2023, there is no JEXI phone out there. There is no smartphone or app with the capabilities of JEXI in production yet.

AI on smartphones are still in their primitive days, if we are being honest. They are smart enough to pull out information from databases, schedule appointments for you based on available data, and carry out very basic activities. None of them is even close to the capabilities of the JEXI phone.

Jexi phone with artificial intelligence

Is there a real JEXI?

Some of the available artificial intelligence assistants that are available today include Google Assistant by Google, Siri by Apple, Cortana by Microsoft, and Bixby by Samsung, among others. None of them have capabilities as close to what JEXI has in the movie. Not one of them is self-aware, as JEXI is.

Of course, I imagine that there are teams of developers scattered around the globe working on more advanced AI systems for smartphones. I do assure you that it will take some time before we see anything remotely half as powerful as what we see on the JEXI phone.

How intelligent is AI?

Present-day AI are incapable of replicating human intelligence. They are not even close. Most of what we know as artificial intelligence today is just algorithms recognizing and reading patterns, learning from them, and making decisions based on those patterns.

In the future, AI will get more advanced and perhaps overtake human intelligence. Self-learning algorithms mean that future AI will keep learning and self-correct and self-programme. The possibilities are limitless, and one day we will have much more advanced systems on our smartphones similar to what obtains with JEXI phone. For now, we are at the primitive stage.

JEXI AI phone
JEXI phone – powered by artificial intelligence

JEXI and the future of AI

One day, AI may become self-aware, or something close to that, just like JEXI is in the movie. The movie plays on the worst case scenario of AI going renegade, similar to the themes of many other movies we have seen. The Terminator franchise is built around a similar theme.

Besides The Terminator, other artificial intelligence movies that have been produced include: The Matrix, A.I., Blade Runner, Extinction, Super Intelligence, Automata, and I Robot, among others. Like JEXI, all of them play with the possibilities of what AI can evolve into in the future.

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