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Motor cars have not changed much in 100 years; here’s how they will


Tons of new features have been introduced since the production of the first motor cars for public use. We have added seat belts, improved the engine and chassis, added nifty electronics, and now we areRead More

Aurora will power Volkswagen and Hyundai Self-driving cars

Hyundai self-driving car

Two of the world’s biggest car makers have broken the buck of automakers shying away from collaboration with Silicon Valley companies. Volkswagen and Hyundai have announced a partnership with Aurora, a startup that makes intelligentRead More

The new Tesla Roadster is fast and furious

new tesla roadster 2020 back

Tesla continues to push the boundaries of what electric vehicles are capable of, and the new Tesla roadster continues along that path. The auto company says that this electric sports car will clock 96.5 kilometresRead More

The 2018 Kia Rio is more of a good thing

2018 Kia Rio

The Rio is a popular Kia model and the brand is set to keep customers delighted with the 2018 Kia Rio model. Powering it is a 1.6-litre engine delivering 130 horsepower with options of 6-speedRead More

The 2018 Genesis G80 is the Hyundai Genesis with a new design

2018 Genesis G80

The Genesis brand of cars is Hyundai’s upmarket division, designed to complement the brand’s main lineup. This is similar to what Lexus does to the Toyota brand. One vehicle worth a look in the GenesisRead More