3 Essential Smartphone Accessories for Safe Driving

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I enjoy a good drive – especially long road trips. I am also an advocate of safety while at the wheels. The truth is that smartphones have become our greatest source of distractions everywhere – including when we are driving. From my experience of years of driving hundreds of kilometres, I have drawn up a list of some essential smartphone accessories for safe driving.

Safe driving is primarily about giving the road and the car your full attention. Taking your eyes off the road and taking your hands off the steering wheel are the two easiest ways to get into an accident. Have a look at my list of phone accessories that can help you stay safe while driving.

Smartphone Accessories for Safe Driving
Embrace using smartphone accessories for safe driving.

Phone Mount

First on my list of essential smartphone accessories for safe driving is a smartphone mount. A phone mount is an essential car accessory, as it allows you to keep your smartphone in a secure and visible location while driving. A mount that attaches to the dashboard or windshield is ideal, as it keeps your phone within easy reach and allows you to keep your eyes on the road.

Bluetooth Headset or Speaker

A Bluetooth headset or speaker is one of the most essential smartphone accessories for safe driving. It allows you to take calls hands-free, which can help prevent distracted driving.

You really should avoid taking calls while driving, if possible. That is the best way to give undivided attention to the road and to other road users. But should you have to, please use a hands-free system, so you can keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Many newer cars come equipped with a built-in entertainment system with Bluetooth connectivity. Mine does. But if your car doesn’t have this feature, a Bluetooth headset or speaker is a good alternative to invest in. Your safety comes first.

USB Car Charger

A USB car charger allows you to keep your phone charged while driving, which is important for using GPS or music apps. If there is one feature that drains my smartphone battery fast when I am driving, it is Google Maps. As such, having a charger handy is important.

Look for a charger that can charge multiple devices at once, so you can keep your passengers’ devices charged as well. Also, I recommend that you get a charger with at least 18W fast charging that is compatible with your smartphone’s fast charge technology. In my experience, a regular charger will not top up your smartphone if you are using Google Maps or some other navigation alternative. It is as useless as not having a charger. If your smartphone has fast charging, buy a compatible fast car charger for use with it.

Some other things you can do for safe driving

This are not exactly accessories, but since this article is about safety practices while driving, I am mentioning them here.

Use a Voice-Activated Assistant

Many phones have a voice-activated assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant, which can be used to make calls, send texts, and get directions hands-free. This can be a useful tool for safe driving, as it allows you to use your phone without taking your hands off the wheel. If your vehicle does not have built-in voice controls, use your phone’s voice assistant.

Use Do Not Disturb mode

Lastly, many smartphones also have a “Do Not Disturb” mode, which can be enabled while driving to prevent notifications from distracting you. This mode can be set to automatically turn on when you’re driving, or you can manually turn it on before you start driving.

Don’t forget it: whether you are driving a gasoline engine car, an electric car, or a hybrid vehicle, staying safe and alive and keeping other road users from harm is of utmost importance. Get these three essential smartphone accessories for safe driving.

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