All hail the QWERTY keyboard, which has refused to die and go away. Find out its history, as well as alternative keyboard styles in use today.

the QWERTY keyboard layout

The QWERTY keyboard is the super dinosaur that has refused to go extinct since 1874

All hail the QWERTY keyboard, which has refused to die and go away. Find out its history, as well as alternative keyboard styles in use today.

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Google Pixel 6 Pro rear camera 1

Good news: The Pixel 6 Pro marks a new beginning for Made by Google phones

Google has a history of crippling its smartphones in annoying ways, but from what we see of the Pixel 6 Pro, the company has adjusted to market demands and seems to have discarded the old order. Most of it.

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usa flag

The most popular cell phone in America in 2021

The most popular cell phone in America in 2021 is from one of the two best selling smartphone brands in the country, Samsung and Apple.

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Facebook Face Recognition Technology

What the Meta?! Facebook shuts down its Automatic Facial Recognition System

We didn’t see this coming: the shutting down of Facebook’s automatic facial recognition system will delete data associated with a billion users.

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common iPhone software problems

Why do people like iOS so much? Reflections on the appeals of Apple’s mobile operating system in 2021

iPhone and iPad users the world over have a fanboyish love for their devices, much of which is owed to Apple’s mobile operating system. Why do people like iOS so much? Read on to find out.

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is vivo X70 Pro the best camera phone of 2021

Best camera phone of 2021: iPhone 13 Pro Max is not the one that Vivo X70 Pro+ has to beat

Since the announcement of the Vivo X70 Pro+, there has been some chatter about it beating the camera of iPhone 13 Pro Max, when the latter is not even the best camera phone in the market as at September 2021.

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iPhone 13 lineup

5 Best Features In The iPhone 13 Line-up From Apple

Did you place an order for any of the iPhone 13 line-up? Here are our top 5 features to look out for.

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Unihertz Titan QWERTY keyboard phone

Unihertz Titan and other unique phones for those who do not go with the crowd

From the manufacturer that makes the smartphones with specs that no others want to touch comes the Unihertz Titan, looking like a throwback to Blackberry days.

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david grandmougin Am1io6KusFM phone in hand outdoors unsplash

How Cell Phones Have Changed The Way You Game Online

Cell phones have revolutionized most of what we do online, including gaming. Click here to learn how gaming online on our cell phones has changed over time.

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Realme has become the 6th largest smartphone vendor.

Realme Has Become The 6th Top Smartphone Vendor! Can They Survive In The African Market?

The Realme smartphone brand has been in existence since 2018 and has conquered Asian and European markets. As it moves into countries like Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, does it have what it takes to conquer the continent of Africa?

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An Important Feature We Await from The iTel S16 Successor

An important feature we await from the iTel S16 successor

The time is almost here, let’s talk about the iTel S16 successor. The iTel S16 was launched on the 6th of October 2020, so definitely we are…

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Harmony OS

The Impressive Rise Of Harmony OS

Huawei’s very own in-house operating system Harmony OS (also called HongMeng OS) took the stage a few months ago and is now on 90 million devices.

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Android Security

Evaluating Android Security! Are You At Risk?

Have you ever wondered about how secure your Android device is, who has access to what and when? Well you are not alone in your thoughts, millions…

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Android 12 review - a gorgeous user interface

Android 12 Review: Finally, Stock Android Is Highly Customizable And So Damn Fine

Having used Android 12 (beta) for a few weeks, I share how stock Android now looks so gorgeous that I am suddenly not so excited any more about my favourite custom Android skins. Here is my Android 12 review.

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Gigaset Handset

Handset, Handy, Handyphone, Cellphone, Cordless, Wireless, and other names people around the world call mobile phones

There are various terms used to refer to a mobile phone in different places around the world. Some of them include: handset, handy phone, cellular phone, and cordless phone, among others. Dive in for some fun information.

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