American-made cell phones: The authoritative guide to smartphones that are made in the USA

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The global mobile phone industry is massive and now records over 1.3 billion units in sales per year. Most smartphones in the world are made in China, thanks to economies of scale. Are there any American-made cell phones – smartphones that are made in the USA – in existence today?


We know that a small number of phone brands are of American origin. The most prominent ones are Apple iPhone and Google Pixel. But there are other American phone brands as well, including:

  • CAT
  • BLU
  • NUU Mobile

All of the above brands are American in origin. But are they made, produced, or manufactured in America? That is a different question.

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American-made cell phones - Made in America
American-made cell phones are an endangered species

American-made cell phones: Which are the smartphones that are made in America?

Apple is an American company, but its iPhone models are not manufactured in the USA. The same holds for Google Pixel phones. Like Apple, Google handles the design, but the manufacturing happens in China. So, neither Apple nor Google have their cell phones made in the USA.

What of CAT, BLU, and NUU Mobile? Like the big two dogs, their phones are not made in America either. BLU does all the designing in their Florida base, but all manufacturing is done in China. CAT phones are made by Bullitt, which has its manufacturing done in China. The same goes for NUU Mobile.

Once upon a time, tech brands like HP, Compaq, Dell, and Motorola used to have their cell phones manufactured in the USA. But that was another lifetime. All of them, except Motorola, have exited the mobile market. Motorola, once an American company, was acquired by Chinese smartphone company, Lenovo, in 2014, and so is now Chinese.

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Today, most Motorola phone models are made in China. The company no longer has any manufacturing facilities in the United States of America.

Are there any smartphones that are made in the USA any more?

Let’s cut to the chase. Are there any cell smartphones made in the USA? The simple answer to that is this: there is only one smartphone that is currently made in the USA. Yes; there is only one American-made cell phone brand, and it is not exactly a popular one.

Have you heard of Purism before? They are an American company and the manufacturers of the Librem 5 smartphone, which is not made in America. But it has a variant, called Librem 5 USA, and that variant is 100% manufactured in the USA.

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Looking for smartphones that are made in the USA? Have a look at the Librem 5 USA.
The Librem 5 is an American-made cell phone

The Librem 5 USA is a privacy-focused smartphone that runs an operating system called PureOS, so this is no iPhone or Android device. It also has hardware kill switches that give the user total control of the security of the device. The cameras, microphones, and all wireless connections and transmissions can be shut down with these manual switches. Read more about Librem 5.

All other mobile phone manufacturing has shifted offshore – most of it to China, Vietnam, and India. All Apple iPhones, Google Pixel phones, and all the cell phones by other American brands are all manufactured outside of the United States of America.

In summary, apart from the Librem 5 USA, there are no other smartphones that are made in the USA today. American-made cell phones are an endangered species.

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