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You’ve got tech questions about your smartphone, feature phone, app, or other mobile service; we haver the answers. If we don’t, we will find the answers for you. Ask a GEEK helps you make the most of your phones by answering your difficult tech questions.

Do you ever have a niggling issue on your mobile?

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Ask a GEEK. Ask a question.
Ask a GEEK. Ask a question.

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  1. This I’d say is a wonderful, brilliant idea.

    You never can tell how many people are out there really feeding out there troubles to Google everyday by day, not knowing Google Is Not actually A Genius as Speculated.

    I personally do get a lot of this mails. But mostly on cheap and affordable android phones to buy and some techie techie cheats and gadget issues.

    It’s good knowing what you offer here. With time, I sure will refer some of this complaints to you if the need be.

    Uche Francis!

  2. when i try to install some games on my HCL me tablet 4.1.1 a massage comes “app not installed”.i really want this problem get me…

  3. unfortunetly ive cleared trusted credentials in my android mobile now every app i install getting reply app not installed .?
    how to overcome this issue

  4. I have installed mincraft from amazon underground onto my samsung t4 tablet before, and now, It won’t install. It just says app not installed and I have tried everything. I erased everything on my tablet, I have changed the install location and I even erased amazon. Nothing is working!!!help!!

  5. Restore the tablet to factory settings, or you can find older versions of Minecraft and install

  6. my infinix zero3 screen got broken and worked normally for about a week it started getting hot showing white screen or blank screen, it fairly work for about few minutes and hangs or goes blank, or shows white screen.
    could fixing the screen resolve all the problems plz

  7. I have an Hp elite x3 with a broken screen…don’t know where or how to get it fixed in nigeria.most hp office say the only work on laptops not phones

  8. Hi Israel,

    In my experience, McDorsey is your best bet. I have been able to get devices with no official support in the country fixed through them.

    Visit their website at

  9. My techno pouvior 3 air phone keeps closing apps unexpectedly while using it. Please what can I do?

  10. Hi there, I have downloaded an app called NRL TV , its a sports network to watch on my Galaxy 8plus. My issue is that the app does not support chrome cast or screen sharing due to the apps contract with fox sports and the NRL. Is there a way to screen share my phone with a TVs but the app cannot detect that I’m sharing?

  11. Please I have one critical issue that I need urgent solution. My infinix hot5 lite always switch off when making calls but things like when browsing has no issue. I need help please.

  12. Please, my infinix hot 5 x559 is refusing to on, but just keeps restarting without booting completely, any idea

  13. Impressive. Although if most mobile phone users did read their phone manuals they wouldn’t need to bother Ask A Geek with questions that could literally be solved by just looking at a manual in their own possession.

  14. Hello guys. Pls i need help with my tecno pop 2f it feel into water, i was quick to get it out in about 3secs, removed the battery and dried the panel. Now the phone keeps rebooting without going past the tecno logo.. Its even refusing to hard reset.

  15. Hello Mary Olayiwola
    Pls Restore the phone to Factory Reset..
    Either ONE or TOO MANY Apps…or even not enough space on the PHONE (forget about external MEMORY) for Installed apps to run

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