2 Stunning iPhone 14 Lookalikes And Replicas For Android Users

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The design of various iterations of the iPhone have continually inspired other brands, including big names like Samsung and Xiaomi. But inspiration is one, thing; flat-out replication is another. There are smaller brands who go all the way and copy an iPhone design almost to the smallest line. It is 2023 and we are beginning to see iPhone 14 lookalikes hit the markets.

Hardware-wise, they may be visual replicas of the iPhone 14, but on the inside, these are no iPhones. What they offer is not in any way close to iPhone 14 specs and features. They run Android OS. In addition, they are always budget smartphones, costing hundreds of dollars below the price of any iPhone model. These iPhone 14 lookalikes look like the real deal, but you won’t be getting the premium experience that Apple is known for. And, of course, they are made in China.

i14 Pro Max is a $100 iPhone 14 lookalike

Product image of i14 Pro Max, an iPhone 14 lookalike but without iPhone 14 specs and features.
Product image of i14 Pro Max, an iPhone 14 lookalike but without iPhone 14 specs and features.

The i14 Pro Max goes beyond copying the design, but also puts a spin on the name. However, it runs a grossly dated Android 10, has 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, and has a large 6.8″ display. It has dual-SIM support and network compatibility is limited to 4G LTE. Which should not be any surprise, considering the $99.59 price tag.

While it is a copy of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in both design and name, the sellers have big signs plastered over it saying that this is not an iPhone and that it runs Android OS. Android 10, for that matter. How many apps still support Android 10? You can’t pay me to buy this phone. I know, I know. Android 10 in 2023? Sheesh. If you are interested in it, though, check Ebay.

LeEco S1 Pro is another iPhone 14 lookalike for Android lovers

LeEco S1 Pro is an iPhone 14 lookalike
LeEco S1 Pro is an iPhone 14 lookalike

Our next iPhone 14 lookalike is by a more prominent name in the smartphone industry. LeEco is big in China. The LeEco S1 Pro has only just been announced in January 2023, and it features a 6.5-inch 720P display with 60Hz refresh rate. See? That is no premium grade screen. There is no mention of what Android version it runs. It is powered by a Zhanrui T7510 chipset, a 12nm fabrication. For your information, Zhanrui is a Chinese chip maker whose products have been becoming more widely used in recent times. Remember the US ban on Huawei? Well, Huawei turned to Ziguang Zhanrui for chips for some of their products.

But it isn’t only Huawei that is using chips by this manufacturer. The chips that have been featured in many budget Android phones in the last one or two years are made by…..fanfare… Ziguang Zhanrui. In 2021, they shipped almost 10 million chips globally.

Wait. This article is about iPhone 14 lookalikes. Let’s get back to that subject. While the LeEco S1 Pro is no premium phone, it has a generous 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage, making it a more decent option compared to the i14 Pro Max. There is a 5000mAh battery and 10W charging to go with it. Don’t buy it for photography, though; the cameras are poorly. The selfie shooter is a 5 MP unit, while at the back is a single 13MP camera (forget the iPhone 14’s triple camera design at the back).

The LeEco S1 Pro is available in China for 899 Yuan (about $135). You can always purchase it online and have it shipped to your location, if you want it that badly. It will likely be available on online stores like AliExpress.com, Gearbest.com, and Banggood.com, among others. They all ship to the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

These iPhone 14 lookalike phones do not deliver anything close to the user experience of the real McCoy. People who want a dirt cheap smartphone that looks like the real thing do have a chance to fulfil their fantasies.

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