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How wireless charging works: Charging by induction

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How Wireless Charging Works - charging by induction -
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Wireless charging technology lets you top up your smartphone’s battery without plugging in a power cable. This article explains how wireless charging works and explains what charging by induction means? We explain it all.

Charging By Induction

Inductive charging uses an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field from inside a charging base, and a second induction coil in the compatible smartphone converts the power from the electromagnetic field back into electric current to charge the battery.

Inductive charging is the most popular form of wireless charging and has been built into many smartphones for a few years now. If you have heard of Qi wireless chargers, they work by inductive charging.

how wireless charging works - qi charging - iPhone

How Wireless Charging Works

To use Qi wireless charging, you need a charging pad. Plug the pad into a wall socket and place your Qi-compatible smartphone on it to charge. Wireless pads or plates now come in all shapes and sizes, with some of them coming in the form of small, colourful pillows.

The advantage of wireless charging is convenience: you do not have to plug and unplug your phone. Just drop it on the charging plate and carry on with your business. It is great for work desks, restaurant tables, and home furniture.

How wireless charging works - Charging by induction

What Of Long-Range Wireless Charging?

At some point in time, you may desire something more freeing – something that does not require close proximity. A new wireless charging technology named Wi-Charge uses infra-red beams to charge devices over longer distances.

It isn’t in use yet by any smartphone manufacturers. So if you want a phone that charges wirelessly, the only available options are Qi enabled phones.

Which Are The Qi Enabled Phones?

There are quite a number of Qi enabled phones in the market. This is because the Qi standard has become the defacto wireless charging standard for smartphones due to its huge popularity. You will find Qi enabled phones from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Sharp, and others.

Check the specifications page of the phones you are interested in to confirm whether or not they have wireless charging support.

Pick A Wireless Charger

Now that you understand how wireless charging works, you are better informed to choose a wireless charger.

If your phone is advertised as being able to charge wirelessly, then you can enjoy the convenience. All you need to so is buy a wireless charger. There is a wide range of wireless chargers in the market. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, textures, and prices.

How Wireless Charging Works - charging by induction - Ailun wireless charger

Here are a few brands that manufacture good quality wireless chargers:

  1. Belkin
  2. Samsung
  3. Case Mate
  4. Native Union
  5. Anker
  6. Yootech
  7. Seneo
  8. Aukey
  9. Choetech
  10. Ailun

New brands come up every other day though, so be sure to ask at your favourite gadget retail store.

Again, here is the summary of how wireless charging works: electricity is transferred from a charging plate to the smartphone, wearable or other device via elctromagnetic waves. This means that even with a protective case on, your Qi-enabled phone will still get charged wirelessly when placed on a charging plate.

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