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YouTube Premium – Is It Worth Buying?

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YouTube Red, or should we call it YouTube Premium was launched back in Nov 2014. Almost a decade ago, it was one of the few applications or sites that offered premium services.

YouTube, among a few other famous applications like X still offers premium services. Over a decade, YouTube Premium has changed a lot. With YouTube music being the face of its premium services, YouTube Premium now offers many advanced features.

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Still, many people don’t know what YouTube Premium has to offer. And for that reason, most people think they’re doing okay without YouTube Premium.

Well, they may be doing just fine, still, they can do much more if they have it.

In this article, we’re only going to discuss some major benefits that you get with YouTube Premium. Once these benefits are known to you, there may be a little reason for you not to opt for it.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

No Ads: 

Ads, be it on Facebook or YouTube, are hard to stand. Moreover, we can’t really do anything about them too, except for skipping them, if they can be skipped at all. If not, then we may have to watch the gruesome ad, lingering on it for 15 seconds or even for a minute.

However, no ads in YouTube Premium can be one of the biggest reasons to opt for it. No ads at the start of the video, in between, or at the moment when you’re about to find out something fascinating, what else do we want?

Plus, no ads mean more time that you can spend more watching useful content.

Do you know you can avail YouTube Premium for a month, without paying anything? Like every premium service, YouTube lets you check its premium services first. So, even if you’re not planning to go for YouTube Premium, do try the free trial for a month.

However, do make sure you’re connected to a strong internet connection like Spectrum. Simply because you don’t want ad-free videos interrupted by constant lagging and buffering. If that happens, does that really matter if you’ve YouTube Premium or not?

To avail their services, visit Spectrum’s website today. Spanish customers can connect to Spectrum servicio al cliente en español for Spanish customer support.

YouTube Music: 

YouTube Music is included in YouTube Premium now. Otherwise, you may be paying around $10/year for it. So, that’s its first advantage.

Coming to the second, any music streaming platform like Spotify or Apple Music, YouTube Music offers a vast library to listen from.

However, it may be not as quite advanced as Spotify or Apple Music, but YouTube Music gets the job done.

Background Listening: 

Apart from the ads problem, what other problems did we face while using YouTube?

Well, there’s a high chance that while listening to a song, you accidentally opened WhatsApp to text your friend. 

What happens next? 

The song stops, ruining the vibe that the song created for you.

So, to text your friend without any hassle while listening to songs or videos, get YouTube Premium now.

With YouTube Premium, you can interact with other apps, or simply open YouTube at the backend. It doesn’t matter what song or video you’re playing, it won’t stop, like it does with free YouTube. This means you can listen to any Ted Talk, podcasts, or anything you want, that too without ignoring the rest of the applications on your cell phone.

YouTube Originals: 

Do you know about YouTube Originals? Well, it may be possible that you might’ve never heard about this. And how could you? Because it’s only for YouTube premium members.

On YouTube Originals, you can find all the exclusive content from your favorite creators. You can also be the first to know what they’re up to.

Video Quality: 

On YouTube, you can actually download or watch videos of the desired quality. However, you may not be able to download some videos in 1080p, if you’re not using YouTube Premium.

On the other hand, people with YouTube Premium can download videos of any quality they want, without any restrictions from YouTube.

Bottom Line: 

YouTube Premium has advantages and people using YouTube Premium can tell the difference. You can too, by availing the one-month free trial. So, hop on YouTube Premium now and see the difference for yourself today.

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