How to Choose a Web Host

choose webhost

Whether you’re a small business, a web developer or blogger, having the right web host by your side can mean the difference between a well-functioning website or a headache inducing one. Read on for tips that you can use to choose the right web host for your website’s needs. Know Your Site’s Requirements A lot of providers offer a specialized service that caters to a particular niche such as eCommerce or SEO. Being clear about the goals you have for your site and the features it requires will bring you…

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How to choose the best Android tablet?

Choose best tablets

If you ever need to narrow down your choices to pick the best Android tablet when shopping, this resource will come in handy. A tablet is a very useful device, being larger than a mobile phone, but yet small enough to be easily carried around. If you’re planning to buy a tablet, it is worth knowing that Android tablets are highly popular and enjoy a wide range of free apps. You may already have in mind some popular brands of Android tablets, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo, and so…

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The Death Star Project: 10 Lessons From Its Failure

Death Star project

Fans of the Star Wars science-fiction franchise will be able to identify with this and will know what the death Star Project is. If you do not know what it is, you have not been watching Star Wars enough. Or at all. Honest. The Death Star was the Empire’s ultimate weapon: a giant-sized, weaponized space station with the ability to destroy an entire planet. But it failed and the team at Wrike have come up with a number of lessons that can be learned from its failure. The infographic below…

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This Startup Launch Checklist will help you on your way to success

Navigating the terrain of starting and running a startup can be tough. It is no easy feat. The guys at Wrike collaborative software tools have put together a startup launch checklist as an infographic. It provides key information that every startup founder can put to use and power your startup from idea stage to a thriving, successful venture.. Infographic brought to you by Wrike Do share if you find this infographic helpful. May success be yours. Loading…

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Visa and leading banks bring mobile payments to Nigeria

mVisa mobile payment Nigeria

Nigerian consumers will enjoy easy and secure payments and merchants will benefit from the innovative mobile QR technology that reduces cost and friction for accepting electronic payments. Lagos, July 19, 2017 – Global payments leader Visa has launched mVisa, its innovative mobile payment service, in Nigeria. The solution is being rolled out across Africa. Consumers from Visa’s Nigerian partner banks can pay with any mobile phone wherever mVisa is accepted. mVisa transactions are processed via Visa’s global network, VisaNet, applying the same scale, security and reliability as any other Visa…

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​How to cool a car interior super fast after being in the hot sun

cheap sunglasses

Every car owner on the planet has had to deal with the dreadful experience of having their car heat up from the sun at some point. In the summer, under intense heat conditions, the car tends to heat up incredibly hard, and it pretty much transforms into an oven. The sun can be a double edged sword that way. While it can be the giver of life and tend to crops, it can also make you feel like you are slowly dying. Sure, you can buy some cheap sunglasses to…

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Never Lose a Photo with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS photo recovery

Pictures or it didn’t happen. The phrase is quite familiar to most of us. Whether you’re a professional photographer or recently attended an event that you wished you could share with your friends, losing your photos leads to both shock and disappointment. Have you recently lost your photos as a result of a system failure, a corrupted drive or a virus attack? You can now breathe a sigh of relief. Presenting EaseUS, the data recovery software that not only enables you to recover your photos but can also help you…

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5 times it is justified to Apply for Payday Loans

Payday loans frescno

Payday loans are undervalued because many people end up taking them for the wrong needs. Payday loans are short term loans and are meant to solve your short term financial crises but many times, people fail to understand that. Payday loans should only be applied for when you know you’d be able to repay the fee within two weeks, because if you don’t the interest rate can leave you bankrupt. People should know when it is in their best interest to apply for a payday loans Fresno Ca. So without…

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Does Your Company Need Temporary or Short-term Professionals?


Finance recruitment agencies often specialize in one type of profession or industry. For example, the agency may cater to the entertainment industry, offering candidates for a wide variety of positions within that industry. The recruitment agency might also focus on providing one type of candidate, such as finance and accounting professionals, to a variety of different industries. Beacon Resources professionals fall into the second category. These candidates have backgrounds in accounting and finance and are carefully chosen to make a good match within the appropriate industry. Qualified Short-term Candidates One…

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Enjoy up to 40% discount off Infinix smartphones at Jumia Mobile Week 2017

Infinix at Jumia Mobile Week 2017

Infinix is back offering the best deals on its smartphones at Jumia Mobile Week 2017. The brand had a record-breaking success as the best seller during the Jumia Mobile Week in 2016. Infinix Deals at Jumia Mobile Week 2017 This year customers and fans all over Nigeria can enjoy up to 40% discount on top Infinix smartphones during the Jumia Mobile Week. The Infinix smartphones include Infinix Note 3, Hot S, Hot 4 Lite and Zero 4 plus which will be available during the week with exclusive discounts along with free gifts.…

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