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10 Smartphone Study Apps that Can Improve Your Productivity

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smartphone study apps
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Modern students are lucky to live in the era of technological advancements. They can use various apps to make the studying process less stressful. The only problem is the abundance of available smartphone study apps. Which of them are as effective as they seem? Won’t you waste your time downloading and trying some of them? Are they as helpful as they seem to be? This article will give you the answers by focusing on the most useful apps for students.

Some are looking for the app that writes essays for you and helps you create original content. Often, such apps connect clients with experts with relevant academic writing experience. Others are searching for apps that can bring optimization and effectiveness to different assignments. Look through these ten smartphone study apps that will come in handy during your years in college.

smartphone study apps

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Exam Countdown

Exams are often the cause of stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights. The main challenge is not only to cope with assignments on time but to ensure you remember everything. This study app helps students remember the dates of exams to prepare for them properly. You just enter the dates of the exams and see how many days you have to get ready. There are 400 icons and 30 different colors to create a unique list. The app is free but uses ads. You can upgrade to a premium account if you don’t want to see the ads. The upgrade also allows you to enter the results of your exams.


As we are already talking about exams, this study app is a great helper when you need to memorize a lot of information. It allows you to create science-backed flashcards (it is scientifically confirmed that using flashcards to test yourself is more effective than reading your notes. Also, it is more exciting than going through many pages of information. The app is available offline so that you can study on your commute. It is a convenient feature as you can prepare for exams on your way to college.


Students write a lot. Whether it is an essay they must submit or an email to a prospective employer, they must be sure that the content they create looks flawless. Grammarly is a writing app that can review spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Students can use it for free as an app or an extension to the internet browser.

It is also possible to switch to a premium account. This option includes rephrasing suggestions if a sentence looks unclear or misses something. It also has a plagiarism check. The originality of content plays a crucial role when it comes to writing academic content. Therefore, it is easy to eliminate unoriginal passages if there are any. The app allows you to rewrite the sentences and see if they meet the anti-plagiarism requirements.


It is an excellent tool for those who get distracted during studying. The study app helps you focus on the process and cope with assignments faster. The process consists of studying sets with sections that last for 25 minutes. You should stay focused on the task during this time. There is a five-minute break after each section. This study app uses a nice motivational hook – every studying session involves you planting a tree. If you do not leave the app and finish your session successfully, your tree grows into a beautiful plant. Therefore, you get a chance to grow a big forest. If you leave the app halfway through the process, your tree does not survive.


This smartphone study app has it all: mindmaps, notes, slides, flowcharts, quizzes, and libraries. The goal is to make the studying process effective and engaging. You can share your learning with others or create a private account that no one can see. GoConqr unites learners worldwide to share knowledge and find solutions to various problems. The app offers you award-winning tools that are easy to use. You will have access to a library of 25 million resources. Over 10 million users took part in creating it.


Studying is always correlated with stress. Whether you have to get prepared for an upcoming exam or simply need to write yet another massive paper, your brain has to solve multiple tasks all the time. To improve your productivity, you need to rest. It is crucial to have eight hours of sleep and be able to switch your brain from a stressful mode to a peaceful one. Calm is the app that can help you do that. Listen to one of the stories read by celebrities like Harry Styles and Matthew McConaughey to sleep well. The app also helps reduce anxiety and improve focus if necessary.

Exam Vocabulary Builder

One of the keys to writing outstanding papers is having an extensive vocabulary. The more words you know, the more options you have to create appealing texts. It is also an excellent chance to pass various exams successfully. Exam Vocabulary Builder is a study app that helps students enlarge their vocabularies. You can see a word’s definition, synonyms, and how to use it in a sentence. Therefore, you will definitely get a clear understanding of every word’s meaning after you enter it into the app.


If there are not enough studies for you in college, use this smartphone study app to get even more knowledge on various topics. Coursera is a place where you can find courses across different fields. One of the unique characteristics of the app is that top universities develop these courses for students. The app has a valuable feature of downloads to watch the courses offline. Therefore, you can learn anywhere and at any time, even if there is no internet connection at the moment.


It might be the perfect choice when you need a study app to help you with group projects. With Trello, you can organize projects effectively. It uses boards to add comments, lists, and everything else you need to cope with a project. You can enter the list of tasks for every team member and watch the progress. Everybody can see the current status of every task. Therefore, the process runs smoothly without delays. You can also use the app to organize your individual projects. You will not have to keep everything in mind. Just enter the necessary information there to free up your mental load.


Even though this platform has a long history, it is still popular among students. We all have days when there is no motivation at all. You can’t even make yourself get out of bed. Watching one of the motivational videos on TEDTalks can inspire you to start your day with a smile. This platform invites remarkable speakers to discuss topics that are relevant to everyone. You can choose from different subjects, including science, psychology, communication, etc. Also, such videos can inspire you when you need new ideas to write an outstanding paper.


As you can see, many study apps can help you increase productivity while studying in college. Every student has a list of specific needs. Some need help with writing assignments; others try to stop getting distracted while solving math problems. No matter what difficulties you can come across, the chances are that there is an app that can make your life easier.

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