How Mobile Devices Are Changing the Way We Enjoy Entertainment

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You may know that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have changed the world. They made it possible to stay connected all the time, have more fun at any given moment, avoid any restrictions and play games when you want, regardless of where you are. People also have access to all kinds of information 24/7 and can use a simple smartphone to solve a problem and boost their productivity. Nevertheless, all users at some point use mobile devices for entertainment.

Mobile Devices and Online Gambling: History And Features

An interesting fact is that mobile gambling became available and very popular in 1997. This was possible thanks to the game Snake that was available on Nokia phones. In 2001 the next big thing occurred. The first, more advanced games were released. Of course, all of this was significantly changed and improved in 2006-2007 when more capable devices were released, including the first iPhone.

How Mobile Devices Are Changing the Way We Enjoy Entertainment

Today, over 86% of the world’s population or over 6.9 billion people use a smartphone. The trend has been on the increase for a long time and it will continue to grow. This means that over 2.5 billion smartphone users play games on a regular basis.

Over time, smartphones have become more affordable, more capable, and more versatile. Also, were developed apps to avoid restrictions. For example, thanks to them, you can bypass the GamStop membership and gamble even if exclude yourself earlier. Why it’s important? Because if you become part of this program, then gambling again will become a huge problem. This program is extended automatically and is difficult to exit from it.  But as we said, convenience is the main feature of phones and they will help you get avoid even GamStop. About other benefits read below.

Benefits of Mobile Devices for Online Gambling

There are a lot of reasons why this is the case and why many people use a smartphone to play games. The first one is convenience. It is much easier to play a game or use any smartphone than on your computer. You can also play the game regardless of where you are and at any given moment. You can even play the game while at work.

Gamers also like the improved privacy and the ability to control their gambling experience much better than when using any other device. All of this is important for users and makes smartphone games even better and more desirable. 

Risks and Challenges of Mobile Devices for Online Gaming

Playing games on a smartphone can be perfect. However, some problems or issues if you prefer are still common and present in many cases. One of them is possible addiction. Because it is so easy to play a game, addiction can easily occur. If you are one of the users who need help, look at GamStop. This is a free self-exclusion method that is available in the United Kingdom. But as we mentioned earlier you will have a problem with getting off this program. So, you can keep yourself from gaming sites for up to 5 years or even more if you like.

Another issue here is sharing personal and financial information. This can be a huge issue for some users and something that can make things more problematic. Playing responsibly is harder than on a computer due to the aforementioned benefits. It is easy and simple to play a game stopping the gameplay is harder as well. Yes, it is much easier to lose track of your smartphone and play the entire day. Another issue here is the lack of physical activity that is obvious.

Technological Advances and the Future of Mobile Devices and Online Gambling

Smartphones and modern tablets are developing faster than anything else. We can see artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality all being developed as we speak. Foldables make these devices even better. All of these technologies make gambling on a smartphone better, more versatile, and better.

AI can recommend the games to you that are just right. VR can make gaming far more realistic and appealing. Augmented reality can make any game so much better and more desirable.

While these technologies look great and feel like that as well, there are some ethical issues. These technologies will require new and more advanced smartphones and they can make using a smartphone even more addictive.


Using a smartphone to play games online is great. It is one of the trends that have been growing and developing for a long time and one that will continue to grow. Modern devices make this path easier and more controlled as we speak. You can even use apps to restrict some activities and concentrate on that what really matters. So, in the near future, we can expect to see a massive increase in mobile gambling and the ability to enjoy special, advanced, and one-of-a-kind games that are phenomenal.

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