Top Apps to Block Sites and Focus on Studying

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Time management is one of the main issues of the current generation. Less than 1 out of 5 people have a time management system in place. Thus about 82% of people struggle with time management issues. Students often go through alternate periods of extreme procrastination followed by excessive overwork to make up for the backlog. This severely affects their study cycle and also interferes with their relaxing period.

Students often also overindulge in games and other forms of entertainment that take up a majority of their time. This is where time management apps can be a lifesaver for them. The purpose of these apps is like setting an alarm clock to wake up in the morning as it aims to keep students aware of all the things that they have to do for the day.

apps to block sites and focus on studying

These time management apps help students better organize college or school routines, act as a reminder for their exams, and dissertations and also encourage them to pre-plan for their multiple assignments. There is a plethora of such apps all over the internet but some of the most important ones are as follows.

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a terrific planning app. It not only automatically adds items to the calendar that it detects in other apps, but also allows students to set reminders and colour-code their tasks and events, and also check class schedules which are automatically shown on the account. This gives the students a good idea of how much of their time they need to dedicate to studies and how much they can use to relax and enjoy.

Google has also created various useful analytical, organizing, and time management apps for more effective planning. The calendar is also very easily accessible. It can always access any web browser o or the Google Calendar app on the mobile device. But the best part is that the app is available for free.

Trello App

Trello is another useful time management app as it not only helps track time but also various projects. Trello helps to easily manage projects and tasks at a glance. It also helps create visual boards for projects and to-do lists which is a great help and motivates students to finish the tasks recorded. 

Even the free version is packed with features like unlimited storage, and it even integrates with Evernote, and GitHub, integrates with other tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and so on. The app is also Extremely customizable. This is a very crucial feature as the moment the student would be able to customize an app they would feel more invested in using it. Trello was made for collaboration and projects and tasks can be viewed and assigned across teams. The app is widely available on App Store and Google Play


People might wonder what Gamstop is doing in this list but GamStop also promotes concentration on studying and saves the time of students while warning them of game addiction. GamStop is a self-exclusion program, where a player who is spending too much time on games can sign up with the program and this would not allow them to play games for a considerable period. 

Players often find ways to join non GamStop casinos by following the CasinoGap guide to continue playing games. However, we don’t recommend doing so, because gaming will steal your time from studying. Thus, it not only allows overcoming game addiction but also increases productivity by channelling the energy into studies and other activities. 


Evernote is currently one of the most popular time management apps among students. It’s widely used by students of all ages not only for keeping notes and scheduling events but also for collecting clips, photos, and films. Students can even create multimedia presentations with the help of this app which is one of the reasons for its popularity. It’s particularly useful for those students who study and work simultaneously.

Evernote enhances organizing the education process, by encouraging personal checklists, reminders, and event planning. It is widely available across iOS, Android, Web, Windows, and macOS.

Focus Booster

Focus booster is a free app that again helps students maximize productivity. While studying students often face many distractions Focus Booster helps students take regular breaks to keep their minds fresh and avoid unnecessary distractions later. It encourages them to remove all distractions during the sessions like friends, emails, the internet, and games. At the same time, setting a separate session for socializing and other things. This allows students to maintain focus on the task at hand, finishing it sooner and giving higher quality results.

Students can also track their productivity (and breaks) in timesheets to analyze how the day was spent. This customizable app is highly recommended for overcoming distractions and maintaining balance in a day’s schedule effectively. Focus Booster provides that by using a time management method called the Pomodoro Technique which breaks down work into intervals of concentration time and breaks time. It is widely available on the Web, Windows, macOS, iOS as well as on Android.


This time management app helps students avoid distractions while also helping them make the optimized utilization of their time. A productive day is not one filled with only work and no play. But one where the mind gets adequate periods of work and rest so that they finish all tasks but also not get exhausted only time management apps can inculcate these habits in students who lack such discipline. 

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