8 Apps That Help Students Enhance Learning

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If you are a student pursuing a career in any field of endeavour, it is important to know as many apps that help students enhance their learning experience. These are apps that can help you achieve greater success in your academics.

Nowadays, learning has become quite more virtual and with more innovative tasks. The problem to catch up with the learning objectives then arises. Parallel to these changes and difficulties in learning, various pocket tools have emerged that can help facilitate your learning process. These tools include the following:

Apps that help students with a better learning experience
These apps can enhance your learning experience as a student
  • CamScanner
  • Splitwise
  • Quizlets
  • Word hippopotamus
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Google-calendar
  • Canvas Student
  • Evernote

1: CamScanner

This program enables users to scan any kind of document and convert it to a PDF, JPG, Word, or TXT file. It has clever optical recognition technology that enhances images and processes words extracted from a picture. You may save time and money when creating copies thanks to this excellent program. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about having a ton of paperwork because you will be able to arrange it better. The paperwork you need to classify, organize, and encrypt private papers will always be at your fingertips thanks to CamScanner.

2: Splitwise

This application is designed to simplify the organization of expenses under a resourceful system that verifies the expenses and debts that are present. As a student, you have a lot of expenses to put under control to keep your financial status balanced.

Splitwise allows you to create expense groups with friends where you can divide the cats by roommates, do group projects or organize a trip or outing with friends. Forget about having to worry about debts and payments and let this great app organize your daily or special event expenses for you.

3: Quizlets

This is one of the best apps that help students enhance learning. Through a card system, you may always practice and learn with this program. By simply choosing your flashcards and study sets, or by selecting from millions made by other students, you can learn about foreign languages, biology, chemistry, history, arithmetic, and other disciplines.

You may learn and study with Quizlet utilizing a system of dynamic cards. You can share the cards with friends and classmates, practice for exams using the “learn and exercise your memory” mode, and even prepare for tests using the “write” and “match” modes.

4: Word Hippo

Writing a piece of writing without using unnecessary or repeating words can be challenging, especially for people who struggle with grammatical fluency. In light of this, Word Hippo was developed to address the issue.

In order to give writers the best words, this software functions as a multidimensional dictionary that enables you to search for words in terms of their definition, synonyms, antonyms, part of speech, and other references. You can check the word that best fits the work you are generating by referring to the example sentences.

5: Pomodoro Timer

It is difficult to focus on the study and revision of a class with the great distractions coming from our mobile phones. The best way to avoid student homework procrastination is by practicing Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro technique is time management that encourages students to study by breaking their study time into 25-minutes chunks, separated by 5-minutes breaks.

Pomodoro timer is an app that can help you practice this technique- where you will have to adjust the time of use of your mobile in a timer that blocks the distracting functions of your device.

 You can set up blocks of work and change the timer so that during that time you give the task your whole attention, take breaks, and avoid being distracted by your phone. By doing this, you’ll create a regular study routine that will last until your objectives are met.

6: Google Calendar

All devices are compatible with this calendar. The use of calendars to record events, trips, and tasks is highly recommended. You can schedule meetings and see when your coworkers are available thanks to Google Calendar, which is a feature of Google Workspace. To view your schedule in more depth, you may also quickly change the visibility of your calendar by day, week, or month.

7: Canvas Student

Canvass Student is a platform used by large schools, universities, and students where you will have access to various courses and teaching materials. With the student mobile app, you can view grades and contents, submit assignments, track course work with an assignment list and calendar, watch videos, take quizzes, receive notifications for new updates, and make your studies easier.

8: Evernote

This new organization tool allows you to generate written notes, and buy audio, images, or videos that you can organize. You can insert links or PDFs on the topics of interest, scan texts, add pictures, and even blackboards. Evernote is a good app for students, business people, and teachers. You can link your Evernote to google calendar, and thus track your progress on the current tasks.

Now that you have learned about the best suite of apps that help students improve their learning experience, you should go to the Play store or Apple store and download the ones that best serve your needs, learn about their functions, and start using them towards better academic achievements.

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