How to Add, Remove, and Sync New Contacts on a Mac

The seamless synchronization you experience across all your devices is just one of the many cool things about owning Apple products. You can use your Apple ID to sync contacts between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac using this synchronization, which extends to your Mac. In this manner, you can manage your contacts using the more comprehensive macOS UI.


In this article, we’ll go over how to add, remove, and sync contacts on your Mac.

How Can I Add, Remove, and Sync New Contacts on a Mac?

Surprisingly, managing your contacts on a Mac is easier than on an iPhone. The steps below demonstrate how to add, remove, and sync new contacts on your Mac.

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How to Add New Contacts on a Mac

One of the ways to manage contacts on a Mac is adding new contacts. The steps are quite different from those for an iPhone since iPhones provide various ways to organize your contacts.


Here’s how to add new contacts on your Mac:

● Open Contacts by clicking the option in the Dock of your Mac or by using Spotlight (Command + Space).

● You’ll notice a plus (+) icon at the window’s bottom. When you click on the plus (+) sign, a dropdown menu will appear.


● Choose New Contact from the drop-down menu.

● A new, unnamed contact will be added to your list of contacts.

● Press Done to finish after providing the necessary information.


You can also add additional fields to the new contact by clicking the plus icon again and selecting the desired field. Get creative with how you organize your contacts by including anything from birthdays to prefixes and suffixes.

How to Remove Contacts from a Mac

Another way to manage contacts on a Mac is to delete existing contacts that you no longer require. Here’s how to delete a contact card from a Mac:

● Scroll through your contact list in the Contacts app until you find the one you want to delete. Alternatively, you could use the search bar at the top of the list.


● Select Delete after control-clicking (or right-clicking) the contact card.

● If you have multiple lists and your contact is on more than one of them, select All Contacts from the list on the left and repeat the process described above.

You should try to avoid spending a lot of time deleting duplicate contacts one by one; instead, click Card in the menu bar (while in the Contacts app) and select Look for Duplicates.

How to Sync Contacts on a Mac

Since your Mac isn’t usually where you build your contact list, syncing is a relatively painless way of importing contacts from other devices and websites. What’s more, any changes you make to contact cards in Contacts will be synchronized across all of your connected accounts and devices.

This is one of the reasons we recommend setting up an Apple ID on a new Mac rather than using it while logged out. iPhone and Android devices are the most popular contact sources, so we’ll show you how to sync contacts from both your Apple ID and your Google account.

To add your Apple ID, follow these steps:


● From the Apple menu, open System Settings (the Apple logo on the menu bar).

● Sign in with your Apple ID by clicking your username in the left pane.

● Once logged in, choose iCloud on the right and make sure the Contacts toggle is turned on.


Follow these steps for Google or any other third-party email accounts:

● Open Contacts, then move your mouse to the menu bar and select Contacts.

● From the dropdown menu, select Add Account.


● A small window with a list of popular third-party email clients will appear.

● Click on your preference, then adhere to the on-screen directions.

● Ensure the Contacts box is checked when you add the account.


Contacts will create a new list with your newly added account shortly after you add it. You can find the list by looking in the left pane.

In conclusion, it’s not hard to add, remove, or sync new contacts on a Mac thanks to the intuitive user interface. Therefore, try working on your Mac instead of your iPhone if you ever feel like your contacts need a thorough reorganization.

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