How to Take Better Pictures with your Smartphone

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You take out your phone, tab, digital camera, or whatever device,and you click! Click!! Then you hear phrases like, “its not clear”, “its not fine”, “its too dark,” you delete and you try again. Maybe the gadget you’re using isn’t that bad, but there might be one or two things you’ve been ignoring all along. Here are a few things you have to get right to attain better pictures in whatever gadget you’re using.

Don’t forget: your photography skills are often more important than what smartphone model or type you are using. So, the following tips will improve your photos even if you are not using a fantastic camera phone.

How To Take Better Pictures with your Smartphone

Steps to Take Better Pictures with your Smartphone

1. Lighting matters

Yes. The better the lighting, the better the outcome of the picture. Good lighting helps the sensor in our cameras capture more details, that’s why outdoor daytime pictures usually come out better than indoor pictures. Lighting situations is one of the basic criteria used in camera tests. It is used to know how good pictures will look in poor light. So try to make sure that the background and environment is well lit.

Also, unless you are taking a silhouette, make sure that the light is not behind your subject. If it is, the photo will come out dark.

2. Check your camera settings

Navigate to the camera settings of your gadget. Maybe the picture quality was set default as ‘normal’. Check, the flash settings, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Color effects etc. These might help you fine tune your camera to take better shots.

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3. Steady your hands

This might sound way-off, but it is still an important factor. Have you ever wondered why professional photographers use a tripod stand? It is because the camera has to be held in place firmly. On some phones, you’ll need to keep your hands steady to be able to get a sharper focused image. A slight shake and you will get a blurry photo.

4. Try a different Camera App

If you own a smart phone running Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, do check out the numerous available camera apps in their respective app stores. You’ll find something that will enrich your camera experience. These apps will fine tune and get the best out of your phone’s camera. Personally, I use Camera 360,and I love the way it works. You can check your apps stores and find something better. For Windows Phone users, Nokia has made available some camera apps like Nokia Pro Cam app to give you more options and a better experience. (Note: the Nokia Camera apps are not available for all WP models).

I hope I’ve been able to convince you that you can still get the best out of your camera.

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