Whether you are switching from one Android phone to another, or from Android to iOS or vice versa, there is no reason why you should be losing your contacts when you switch phones.

How to switch to a new phone without losing your Contacts

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Whether you are switching from one Android phone to another, or from Android to iOS or vice versa, there is no reason why you should be losing your contacts when you switch phones. This is 2019 and technology solved this problem years ago.

Modern smartphones have full Gmail or Outlook support and can synchronise your Contacts. Once you setup your Gmail or Outlook to synchronise your cell phone contacts, every time you switch to a new phone, all you have to do is setup your Gmail/Outlook on the new phone and all your Contacts are wirelessly copied to the new device. Easy. Also, any changes you make to your contacts in Gmail desktop are synchronised to your device, and vice versa.

stop losing your contacts when you switch to a new phone

How to stop losing your contacts when you switch to a new phone

Here are the steps to take to make sure your Contacts synchronise across devices:

1. You need a Gmail or Outlook account
Every Gmail or Outlook account has the Contacts service attached to it, so if you have one, you’re good to go. If you don’t have one, create one. You can create one on your phone by going to Gmail.com or Outlook.com. If you already have one, you don’t need to create another. You can use your existing account.

2. Setup On Mobile
On the phone where you have your Contacts right now, launch the Gmail or Outlook app and setup your Gmail account on that phone for email. Then go to the Settings menu and check any options to enable synchronisation of Contacts and Calendar. If you had your account setup before now, you are good to go.

3. Import Your SIM/Phone Contacts
If you have your contacts on your SIM or phone contacts, open your Contacts app -> Menu -> Import/Export -> Select to export from SIM/Phone and import to your Gmail/Outlook account.

Once done, you are good to go. All your contacts on your SIM or phone have been added to your Gmail/Outlook Contacts. From now on, to add your cell phone contacts to any new device, just setup your Gmail or Outlook account on the device in question and watch the magic happen.

Transfer Contacts
You can stop losing your Contacts when you switch from one smartphone to another by using Google or Outlook to keep them synchronised.

When adding new contacts to your device, always select the option to “Save as Google/Outlook contact”. Some devices will insert your email address in place of Google or Outlook account.

The above steps apply to all modern smartphones, whether it is an Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone. The exact terminologies and menus may differ slightly, depending on how each manufacturer has implemented their software, but the process is the same.

So you remember, here are the steps again: create a Google/Gmail or Outlook account, login to it on your phone, export your phone or SIM contacts and save them under the new Google/Outlook account. And lastly, any time you have to save a new Contact, be sure to save it under your Google or Outlook account. Do not save to SIM or phone.

Now, you do not have to lose your contacts any more when you lose your phone or buy a new smartphone or tablet. Your contacts are stored in the cloud and can be synced to any mobile device just by logging into your Gmail or Outlook account. Bliss.


Did I miss out anything in this tutorial? Do chip in with a comment below, so I can keep refining the guide for you. Got more questions about this? You’re welcome to ask and I will try my best to answer them.


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  1. Great tip~ the advantage of this method is that this makes moving about.of (perpetually updated )contacts and calendar entries ~is seamless, irrespective of platform.

    …as long as those devices can access the internet.

  2. Nice tip. I was going to mention it when someone asked how to migrate to Android from Symbian with contact, calendar etc but stopped because I felt someone was going to go into the litany of Android and data guzzling.

    About the best and smoothest method option for those not paranoid about data leakage on their devices.

  3. @Eye_Bee_Kay Glad you finally moved to teamandy; will join you guys soon irrespective of the data guzzling like we say!

    Whoever sticks to that (Dying Symbian) is not ready for an upgrade I must say.

  4. Bad news. I lost all my contacts while doing this. Thank God I have a recent backup on memory card. Thinking aloud….

    “And I was lucky to dial this babe no sha, thank God I get am for call log. how I go just lose no wey I just collect now now to gmail”

    I couldn’t setup the mail exchange sync properly..don’t know what i’m doing wrong oo

  5. EASIEST method. Had to take the pain to extract all my wife’s contacts and calendar from different devices and enter them into Google contacts. Now she can easily switch from her smartphones to the tab and on pc with all contacts updated.

  6. Easy and smooth way of contact transfer with a big BUT.

    I stumbled on this method many years back when I got a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. I didn’t know what I did but on getting another android, this time from Starcomms, my first synch brought in all the contacts from the Xperia. GREAT. Then I closely checked and to my horrors, I had some names replicated thrice and some even four times. That was the first problem. How did it happen? I later realized that the Xperia was duplicating my contacts with each sync instead of blending. I promptly went online hoping to correct the anomaly once and for all but on getting to google contact, I discovered one cannot mark/select contacts and delete. You have to do it one at a time. That was more than a year ago. I don’t know if this has been corrected. Correcting over 2000 contacts with duplicates one at a time sure is not a simple task.

    BIG BUT 2. > I got a Samsung chat with double sim last year and did sync via mail for exchange. The small phone took in only up to its capacity and stopped when it was full. That I understood.. But when I tried calling a doctor friend, I found out I couldn’t because I had Dr, Dr, Dr, all about 50 with no other names. Why? Because this is a dumb phone with no facility for special fields like middle name so those all got cut off along with surnames. I had to manually add back 50 surnames. Funny thing, the next sync removed all my corrections and I was back wit Dr, Dr, Dr…. Needless to say, the Samsung Chat had to go after a month of frustrations with mail for exchange syncs.

    Got my SGN two months ago. Very first sync brought back all my contacts from the google cloud plus all the redundant ones and the replications. So, I settled down, did all the corrections sacrificing one night of sleep. Naturally, I promptly switched off automatic sync.

    So, for me, it has been a mixed bag.

    Any idea how to do multiple selection and delete on google contact online?

  7. Thanks for this Mr. Mo. The Android device had given me issues for months, but I had to sync my contacts when I inserted my MTN sim on the phone. The sim had been with me for years and most of my contacts have the number. It was quite awkward when I received calls and had to rack my brain to recognise the voice because I didn’t have the contacts on the phone.

    Now, I am good to go and I have all my contacts on my phones. Isn’t it great?

    @deoladoctor, there is an option to merge duplicates on google dashboard. You can try that.

  8. Bankole

    Congratulations all. Now Google knows who you know

    Indeed. As will any alternative sync provider one chooses to use.

    Privacy is dead. I have an article in drafts about that. Hmmmm. Let me go dust it up and publish. Will be right back.

  9. All I do on my Android is when I’m creating contacts, I make sure they are saved as Google contacts not phone contacts. One i save, it is immediately synced to my Google account. And if you have old numbers from your sim that have not yet been synced, there is a simple option that allows you to sync all your contacts (both phone and sim) that are not yet on your google account, in one movement. Works like a charm. As long as you don’t have sync off in your settings, just make sure you always save new contacts as Google contacts and Google gives you real-time syncing of your contacts. The only small perk is that I have repetition of contacts in my phonebook. To solve that, i just play around with my settings and make sim contacts invisible. So i only see one of every contact

  10. @ Mr Mo. and Bankole, I do agree with you guys. But this is not an isolated case. Even on Facebook, your email, and even here on this blog, someone is watching your every move. You can choose to be paranoid about it, or you can choose to just live your life. Keep over-dependency on technology to the barest minimum, stay out of crime, and you’ll be fine

  11. Duplicate contacts ca be merged by going to your gmail, click on the dropdown menu as Mr Mo directed, then on “more” dropdown menu, you will see “find & merge duplicates…” click on it and you are good to go.

  12. My experience with google contacts sync is a lot like deoladoctor’s. It was all well and good when I only had an android device but after purchasing a bb, syncing to it duplicated my contacts several times, both on the bb contacts list and on the google servers. I had to manually delete the duplicates (wasting several hours over several days) and even then, the changes weren’t synched back to google contacts. Instead, d duplicates were appearing again. So, I promptly switched off google sync on the bb, deleted the duplicates on google sync one again (this time, it took weeks) and tried deleting the duplicates from the bb until I got tired. I then tried to delete all the contacts on the bb so I can do a fresh sync but that didn’t work too. Even when I used a tip I found on crackberry (and was posted here a while back) to delete all contacts, it didn’t work, even though it gave me a confirmation message. So, since then, I’ve ensured that google sync on both android and bb is off and I’ve had to live with the up to 8 duplicates of each contact on my bb address book.

  13. Thanks, Mister Mo, this is really helpful, your write-up on this is easy and understandable.

  14. Good info, very useful. Many people don’t know about, reading this will put them through.

  15. thanks for this info, personally i do save my contacts in my email, thats what i did when i got my camon 12 air newly, that way i am sure of retrieving them when ever i want.

  16. Thanks very much for the explanation.
    very useful inforamtion. We have a lot of customers who buy unlocked phones from us.
    And the majority don’t know how to transfer contact and photos from one phone to another.

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