You have to pry the Lumia 950 out of my cold, dead hands!

lumia 950 and 950xl

Why are Windows Phone lovers are head over heels in love with the platform despite how badly it is doing on all sides? Mister Mo answers the question. 😁 You will have to pry that Lumia out of my cold, dead hands, bro! — Mister Mo (@moverick) August 7, 2017 Last night, in the course of a Twitter discussion, a mobilista requested that I give him my beloved Lumia 950. I replied that he would have to pry the thing out of my cold, dead hands. Of course, he was…

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My new Glo line holds a 4G signal better in my Lumia 950

Glo LTE on Lumia

Mister Mo tells the story of how after he obtained a new Glo SIM card for 4G LTE use, he now experiences more stable 4G signal on his Lumia 950. Globacom’s 4G LTE service is our go-to network for wireless broadband internet here at MobilityArena. Being able to share one line’s subscription across several SIM cards is an added bonus. It means that team members can use a single internet subscription regardless of where they are. Of course, should anyone stray outside of Glo 4G network, they have to make…

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Using the Lumia 950 one year after

lumia950 in hand

The Lumia 950 arrived my desk in February 2016. That makes it approximately a year since I have had it. For a background, you can read up the Lumia 950 specifications my first look at the the Lumia 950 and Display Dock, as well as my review. I have been using this Windows 10 smartphone more often in the last one month. Not that it changes the fact that very few people are using or buying a Windows smartphone these days. As a matter of fact, according to a recent…

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Lumia 950 Review: phone and PC in one

lumia950 with display dock

Microsoft’s Lumia 950 – alongside its bigger brother, the 950XL, is the first smartphone to run Windows 10 Mobile out of the box and is the long awaited upgrade to the Lumia 930. I have had a unit with me for a little over two weeks now and already did a first impressions post about the 950. In this review, I give you details of what using the Lumia 950 on a daily basis has been like, but don’t forget to go through the detailed Lumia 950 specifications either. Pros:…

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Using Windows Hello’s iris recognition

I have been using the Lumia 950, Microsoft’s first flagship to run Windows 10 Mobile, for over a week now. One of the features that Windows 10 brings to smartphones is Windows Hello. Microsoft describes Windows Hello as “a more personal way to sign in to devices running Windows 10”. It uses iris recognition – the ability to use your eyes for unlocking the device, apps and services. I wondered what level of convenience iris recognition would deliver compared to fingerprint recognition. Both eliminate the need to type a password…

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3 niggles that have not changed between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile


Windows 10 packs loads of useful features and improvements over Windows Phone 8, no doubt, and I will get to those in another article. But I shall start by highlighting some extremely annoying things that Microsoft ought to have sorted out in this reiteration of their smartphone platform. These annoyances were there in Windows Phone 8 and they have been retained in Windows 10 Mobile. 1. Updating Apps From The Store . After setting up the Lumia 950, I immediately launched the Store to install my favourite apps, as well…

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AnTuTu now available for Windows 10; We have results for Lumia 950 and 950XL

AnTuTu benchmark tool is one of the most popular performance testing apps on Android OS. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times alone on Android. The app has also been made available to iOS. Till recently, it was not available for Windows Phone platforms, so it was difficult to benchmark Windows smartphones’ performance against their Android counterparts. That has changed though and there is a Windows 10 app for AnTuTu. We threw AnTuTu’s tests at the Lumia 950, and we now have results. The Lumia 950 returned…

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Photos from Lumia 950/950XL media launch in Lagos

Microsoft Nigeria sent Mister Mo an invitation to the Lumia 950 and 950XL media parley held at the Iconic Civic Tower at Victoria Island in Lagos two days ago. I represented him at the event where the devices were showcased. Enjoy the following photographs from the media launch. The Lumia 950 and 950XL are both now officially available in Nigeria. You can be sure that we will be bringing you a review of the Lumia 950 soon enough. Stay tuned. Loading…

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Has Microsoft sold a million Lumia 950 and 950 XL units?


Just last week, Microsoft announced that over 200 million devices now run Windows 10. We now have an unconfirmed report that out of that amount, over 1 million are smartphones. The rest are PCs (180 million) and Xbox Ones (18 million) This bit of news is from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foleyon the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast. If Mary Jo’s figures are good, then it is safe to say that Microsoft has sold over 1 million Lumia 950 and 950 XL units since launch. Oh; and Lumia 550…

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