People have the saying, “New Year, New Life”. Now, whether you let this be a part of your life style or not, na your own concern. On…

6 new ways to take better pictures with your mobile phone in 2016

People have the saying, “New Year, New Life”. Now, whether you let this be a part of your life style or not, na your own concern. On the contrary, mobile phone photography is becoming mainstream. In fact, image quality emanating from mobile phones these days rival (if not surpass) the ones taken on some professional cameras. We then thought to show you better ways of taking great pictures right from the your mobile phone.


Here are a few easy tips to help you take better photos with your smartphone camera. Come along!



Tip One: Appreciate Portrait and Landscape modes

If you want to capture a wide range, you should place your phone in landscape mode. A good sample is the image above. If you’re in a wedding or occasion, that’s how you should place your phone. This also applies for selfies when you want everyone’s face to enter. You get? 🙂


Portrait mode is best used when you want to capture yourself from head to toe. Hope that sinks in.

Tip Two: Shoot from above

Pictures taken from above, are more flattering. They also come out better than when taken laterally. See this screenshot tip below:


Tip Three : Try the concept of ISO

Forget the big English, ISO is quite an easy concept. In simple terms, the ISO determines the sensitivity of your sensor.

  • The lower the ISO, the less light your camera can capture.
  • As you increase the ISO, your images will become more grainy (or noisy). But you gain faster shutter speed – images look brighter.

Experiment with this feature, or download a camera app that has manual controls to help with ISO settings.

Tip Four: Never forget the importance of lighting


The importance of lighting in photography cannot be overstated. Lighting greatly affects the final outcome of your pictures. Have you wondered why there’s plenty of lighting when you want to take pictures in a photo studio ? The quality of pictures taken in the dark greatly determines the quality of the lens in the camera.

The true test of a camera is the quality of images taken in the dark. Let that sink in too.

Tip Five: Cover that wide Angle with Panorama Mode

Are you trying to take a picture of something that is too large? Or did you see a landscape, and just want to capture it all. Most mobile camera’s have panorama mode (Check your settings ). This mode allow you stitch multiple images together, and it all fits in one frame. Try it and see what happens.

Tip Six: Experiment with HDR Mode


HDR Mode is one aspect of photography, we should explore. Some scenarios demand that you use HDR mode to take pictures. Your camera is slow when in HDR mode, but this is because it captures 3 pictures at once. The output is rich in color and sharper than what you get with the regular mode. You can read more about HDR mode of photography HERE.

In Conclusion

A time should come when people get amazed anytime they see shots you’ve taken with your mobile phone. Surprise people in 2016. Mobile photography can grow from your pass time to an actual hobby. An art you’ll grow to love.

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