A smartwatch is a smartphone packed into the form of a wristwatch. That is the most basic definition that I can come up with. Take

A smartwatch is a great idea, but…

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A smartwatch is a smartphone packed into the form of a wristwatch. That is the most basic definition that I can come up with. Take a wristwatch and put in it a mobile operating system, mobile phone capability, media playback and more, and you have a smartwatch. Or at least, that is what it should be.

I think that a smartwatch is a great idea. I dislike having to hold anything large while out and about. I hate carrying laptops, netbooks and even tablets on me, unless I absolutely have to. They are a burden. I travel ultra lite. You can begin to see why the idea of a smartwatch appeals to me big time. I don’t even have to hold or carry it. Dressing up in the morning, I wear it for the day and forget about it. Chances of forgetting it somewhere? Unless I am going for a swim, zero. Chances of a smartwatch falling down and getting damaged? Unless I get enrolled a in the secret service as a special agent, zero.

But if you have followed the news about smartwatches, you are aware that the ones being pushed lack mobile phone capabilities. You actually have to pair them via Bluetooth to a phone to be able to make call on them. Dóh! They are mere Bluetooth accessories? Have I been dreaming then? Maybe not. The BURG SmartWatch is the worlds first smartwatch with a built-in SIM card slot which allows you to use it as an independent phone. The first OS Android 4.0 models are now in production and can do everything my smartphone can. Now, that is a true smartwatch.

BURG18 Android smartwatch
Here is its brief specs sheet:

– 1.54-inch 240×240 pixel display
– Android 4.0 OS
– SIM card slot
– telephone
– messaging
– multimedia
– Micro SD u[p to 32GB
– WIFI, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS
– 2.0 mega pixel camera
– attachable headset
– recorder

Any smartwatch that is just an accessory to a smartphone does not qualify in my books. Apple’s upcoming iWatch and Samsung’s Gear don’t cut it for me. I’d rather carry my smartphone and wear a Bluetooth headset than have the bulkier combination of smartphone and smartwatch. As far as I am concerned, both of the smartwatches being pushed by Apple and Samsung are ordinary watches that are dependent on a smartphone. I am not sure how smart that makes them.

Till I can get my hands on a proper smartwatch as described in this article, no thanks.


  1. My sentiments, exactly.

    If a smart watch can do everything a current smartphone can do, that ‘may’ be interesting.

    I say ‘may’ because I can basically use my Bluetooth headset to picjk calls whenever my hands are metaphirically tied up.

    If I need to do an email, SMS, browse, I want a proper screen, thank you.

    Conclusively, I doubt that a smart watch serves any useful purpose other than a new toy to play with for gadetomaniacsand adult kids.

  2. i totally agree with your stand here,this is nothing but an avenue to exploit buyers of their hard earn money,though i cannot e part of them,a smart phone is a smart phone while a watch stil remains one

  3. The idea of a smartwatch might still sell if some of its features (Messaging, SMS, Multimedia, etc) are being rendered in holographic display.

    That’ll be way awesome! I’m waiting for the first company to pull a stunt like that. 😀

  4. Smartwatch an “avenue to avenue to exploit buyers of their hard earn money”? Uhm, buying one is voluntary, not by force. Consumers give their money to companies for that kind of thing. And it’s not like those wanting a smartwatch are being exploited.

    Personally I think it’s a waste of money. Why? I have a nice watch that tells time, shows the date, even has those luminous bits that glow in the dark. When the watch can cook dinner, do the laundry, and get me from A to B superfast, I will give it a look.

    Until then, I don’t feel the need to be so “plugged in”. As with mobile phone distractions, I can see we will have car accidents caused by people messing around with their watches whilst driving.

  5. It is obviously not for everyone. I for one like it. At least with my samsung gear watch i can trace my smartphone immediately i loose it from my pocket that is Security, just check out the features. Besides if anyone can buy a q10 or z10 am sure they can afford it.

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