Affordable Galaxy Fold and Flip may be coming to Samsung’s A-series

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The Galaxy A-series have been Samsung’s best sellers for good reason: they offer decent performance at. And now, there are rumours that Samsung will be announcing an entry-level, affordable Galaxy Fold and Flip, under the A-series line-up.

The rumours say that Samsung is looking to take a bigger bite of the foldable market by releasing devices that will cost about half the prices of existing models in the market. Right now, only high-end foldables exist, and Samsung owns 90% of it. This looks like a case of preemptive strike, to make sure a competitor does not undercut Samsung on the budget segment.

Affordable Galaxy Fold and Flip may be coming to Samsung's A-series

Naturally, it is expected that two affordable foldables will be released in the Galaxy a series – one a Galaxy A Fold, and the other, a Galaxy A Flip, representing budget versions of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip respectively.

What can we expect of the affordable Galaxy Fold and Flip?

In line with the pattern with the A-series, the entry-level, affordable Galaxy Fold and Flip devices will offer the most essential features and exclude premium features. For example, instead of a premium flagship processor, the entry-level Galaxy Fold will use a mid-range processor. It will likely exclude wireless charging and more premium materials, as well.

What kind of prices are we expected to see on the affordable Galaxy Fold and Flip? One report from 2020 says Samsung’s upcoming entry-level foldable smartphone, referred to then as Galaxy Fold Lite, will be priced at around US $900. A more recent one says it will carry a price tag of under 1 million Won, which is about US $770. We will have to wait to see what exactly happens and how these two budget foldable devices are priced, if the rumours turn out to be true.

The first rumour of the affordable Galaxy Fold (AKA Galaxy Fold Lite) was from Max Weinbach, who has since deleted the tweet. The more recent rumour is from Korean news website, ET News.

What is the expected release date of the affordable Galaxy Fold and Flip devices?

According to the report, these, entry-level and affordable versions of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip won’t arrive in the market till sometime in 2024. That is a long way off, in mobile phone times and seasons. We can only wait and hope that the rumour is true. Foldable phones are cool, and more people should get a chance to experience them.

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