How To Watch Anime Offline: The Best Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

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Are you in search of how to watch anime offline on your mobile device? In the bustling world of anime, there’s always a new show to catch or an old favorite to rewatch. But what if you’re on the go, without access to Wi-Fi or mobile data? Fear not, anime enthusiasts! This guide is designed for you. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through the steps to download and watch your beloved anime series offline, ensuring your anime adventures continue uninterrupted.

Since anime became popular worldwide, thousands of anime series are now available, with more than 50 million anime lovers worldwide. However, given that anime shows aren’t usually broadcast like typical Western series, it can be a bit tricky to locate the best anime streaming applications.

This is why it is great that you can watch anime for free on some apps and websites. Some of these options even allow for cross-platform offline viewing. Therefore, if you’re wondering where to watch anime and download it for offline watching, we’ve created this guide for you. Below, we’ve described the best apps to watch anime offline on Android and iOS devices.

How to watch anime offline

What are the Best Apps To Watch Anime Offline on Android and iOS?

There are several options among the best anime apps for offline viewing, and we’ve described some of them below:


It’s possible that you’ve already heard of Crunchyroll if you’re a die-hard anime fan, especially since it is one of the very best ways to watch anime offline. Crunchyroll boasts the largest anime collection and has more than 50 million registered members worldwide. It is the leading anime-streaming platform in the US. Additionally, you can browse different media, such as manga and Asian dramas.

You have the option to try out the Crunchyroll app on Android or iOS for 14 days if you’re a first-time user. With this, there’s typically a limited window of time to enjoy its premium features, which include ad-free HD streaming and unrestricted access to all its content.


Another option among the best apps you can download to watch anime offline is AnimeLab, and you’ll love that it offers free streaming of many different anime shows.  It offers over 718 movies and series in 32 different categories, and if your favorite anime isn’t listed, you can easily request it. AnimeLab offers the most well-liked anime shows and movies, and also features simulcasts straight from Japan. This service only works for Australia and New Zealand though.

AnimeLab’s broad availability is what sets it apart from most other platforms. Due to this feature, users can connect their accounts to many devices for personal viewing. 

Note that you can only watch a small selection of movies with English subtitles if you use the free version. However, if you decide to purchase the premium plan, you’ll get complete access to the library, have the option to stream in HD, and may pick between the subtitled and dub versions.


When it comes to watching anime, Netflix may not be your first pick. Nonetheless,  many of the most interesting and popular anime series are available on the platform. Therefore, some people still regard it as one of the best ways to watch anime offline.  Also, as Netflix is collaborating with Japanese animation firms like Studio Ghibli in the upcoming years, we may be anticipating an increase in anime collections on Netflix’s platform.

You’ll need to sign up for Netflix’s free trial on Android or iOS or use their premium option to begin watching. You can then look for any of your favorite anime shows and watch them online. If you want to watch them while you’re on the go, you can also save and watch them offline.


Without FunimationNow, any list submission including the best anime apps for offline viewing would be incomplete. The company has a lengthy history of offering American consumers anime titles, and it now features more than 950 anime shows.

If you enjoy watching dubbed anime, FunimationNow is a good option. The company’s main objective is to release anime series in dubbed forms, even if it also provides subbed anime versions. Additionally, the service works with both iOS and Android devices.

Regarding the subscription, moving up to the premium tier offers you access to two simultaneous streams across all of your connected devices, while upgrading to the premium plus tier gives you access to up to five simultaneous streams. The premium plus tier gives you the opportunity to view anime shows offline, making FuminationNow one of the best ways to watch anime offline.

In summary, there are several options to consider if you’re looking for the best anime apps for offline viewing. This guide will give you a headstart on the right places to look.

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