Top 9 Best Apps to Learn to Read and Write from Scratch 

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It is now lot simpler to teach our kids to read and write. Because of smartphones and tablets. To teach our kids to read and write, we simply need to have patience and use some of the greatest applications.

If you own a smartphone, both iOS and Android provide a plethora of tools to help your kids get better at reading. The apps are categorized in this post for various ages and learning styles, as you’ll see. So, pay close attention as you read to learn how to learn to read using new technology.

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1. Learn to Spell and Write

This software promotes bilingual instruction. English and Spanish are used in its development. But because it has three different levels of difficulty, its flexibility is what matters most. And in addition to teaching reading, it also teaches writing.

Thanks to its 9 games, the kids will see that teaching is fun. If we add to this their reward mode and gifts, they will never lose the motivation to continue learning. For now, the app includes 650 words to teach writing and pronunciation.

2. Learn to Read with Syllables

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 and speech therapists both utilize the app. It is a teaching tool to help with voice changes and better pronunciation. All of this is accomplished through visual games.

This reading program is in charge of imparting the knowledge that words are separated into syllables, in contrast to other reading programs. It aims to enhance reading comprehension from a young age using this.

3. My Magic Book: Let’s Learn to Read and Write.

This is one of the most well-known literacy apps available today. It aids in the recognition of letters, syllables, and thus the formation of words. This is accomplished through the use of four instructional games: blocks, letters, reading comprehension, and matching pairs.

Each one aids in the visual recognition of words and syllables. At a higher level, they can also be used to generate words and grasp their meaning. Finally, the goal of these activities is to improve pronunciation.


4. Syllabary to Learn to Read

It is a reading instruction app that employs the analytical approach. Boys and girls ages 4 and up are allowed to use it. Because you don’t need to be with an adult to use it, it’s helpful if you don’t have time. This is made possible by its 100 fun and simple to use levels.

It can also be used as a tool to help with recognition and pronunciation, though.

5. Leo With Grin

This program will benefit your child if they have attention deficit disorder. An app called Leo con Grin was created to provide reading instruction. Its 30 courses, each with six exercises, are based on the Educaplanet approach.

Due to the app’s two degrees of complexity, you won’t need to worry about the young children’s adaptability. Level 1 is for those who are older than 3 years old, while level 2 is for those who are older than 5.

6. Learn to Read and Write 

It is geared toward preschoolers and students in elementary school. This reading software is different from others in that it may be used as a teaching tool. This is due to the visuals and educational figures it uses.

You won’t have to worry about the standard of your education either. It includes exercises to enhance phonetics, pronunciation, and literacy.

7. Montessori Preschool

A software called Preschool Montessori implements the Montessori approach to education. This is a case of learning by experience. In other words, the young children will practice as though they were in class. In fact, the UI is styled to resemble a classroom.

This reading instruction app can also be used to teach and review material. The application will be useful to the child if they are illiterate. Additionally, it will help you learn and pick up new words if you already know something.

8. The sound of Letters

Don’t you want them to spend the entire day staring at their phone? You should use this app to learn to read. And that is because it bases its teaching strategy on sounds. The younger ones just need to hear the words spoken to them in order to recognize and pronounce them.

Boredom won’t be an issue either thanks to the four entertaining and informative activities. They are designed to help students memorize, recognize, and pronounce words and syllables more accurately. The finest part is that writing is also taught.

9. Vowels for Children

Do you find it difficult to teach the vowels? Then this application will come in handy. It allows you to learn letters and vowels through fun and educational games. It has 4 games with different objectives , although they all help in reading.

However, we should not leave aside the video section either. These are educational in nature and are a complement to the games. They serve as a review of what the students have learned and are geared toward kids who can already read and write.

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