The best iPhone games in 2023, with online and offline gameplay

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Playing games with an iPhone is popular amongst the young and old. Generally, people play games on their mobile devices for different reasons. 

For some, playing offline games is the best thing to do while on a flight, for others, it is suited for leisure time. Others play games while waiting for an appointment; whether at a train station or a  reception room.

A list of the best iPhone games - both those that require an internet connection and those that do not.

Whatever be the reason for playing games, we have selected some of the best games for iPhone users in 2021. The good news is that there are both online and offline games for iPhone users on the list.

Best free online iPhone games in 2021

The games that are listed under this category are games that require an Internet connection before users can play. Are you an iPhone user who wants to play the best games online? Take a look at the very best games below.

Among Us

The name of the game gives a clue of what iPhone users should expect. It is a game played amongst friends. In this game, users are assigned tasks to complete as travelers. However, not every task is “good”. 

Some of your friends are assigned the role of saboteurs so that the task of others is frustrated. It is left for one or more persons to detect the saboteurs and convince others of his/their claim.

If the saboteurs are identified, they are sent away from the traveling party, if not, they remain and continue to cause mayhem to others. 

It is a fun-filled game; one of the best iPhone games in 2021. Interestingly, the game can be played amongst people who are not familiar with themselves too.

Mario Kart Tour

The Mario Kart Tour game is one of the best games for iPhone users in 2021. This game allows you to play against seven other iPhone users in a kart race across different cities.

These cities are named in the real world and users gain points for every race completed. During the races, there are boxes of gifts that if gotten can help improve performance or gain coin gifts. 

Those who finish in the top three positions are given Grand Stars and points but a finish below the fourth position results in demotion. 

Unlike the other Mario Kart race, the Mario Kart Tour does not place too much emphasis on who finish a race in the first position but on who made the highest points over different races/tours.

If you ever feel tired of playing the game in portrait mode, you can easily switch to landscape mode.

Asphalt 9: Legend

All Asphalt games have always been at the top of most iPhone and Android users. It is no different in 2021. Currently, there are over 142 cars from which users can choose. These cars are shared into different categories; D, C, B, A, and S.

To start, iPhone game lovers kick off with cars from the lowest category; class D. As their performances, they move to the next level until the highest level; level S. For every level reached, the performance of the cars improves.

This game is one of the best games of 2021 and it features amazing graphics and designs.

Best free offline iPhone games in 2021

The games that are listed under this category are games that do not require an Internet connection before users can play.

Brother in Arms 3: Sons of War

One of the best offline games for iPhone users in 2021 is Brother in Arms 3: Sons of War. The game was published by Gameloft in 2014 but has retained its interest amongst game lovers.

It is a shooting, action-adventure game which can be played alone or with others. The game takes after the world war II scenes where users are expected to take down enemies. 

With better performances, players can upgrade their weapons. The player is not left alone; the games allow for support from other shooters called “brothers”. These brothers have different capabilities; one might be a sniper while another calls an airstrike.

Do you need the best offline games for an iPhone? Look no further.


If you love more technical games, Wordscapes should be your go-to game. The game at one point was rated in the top 10 best games on iPhones/IOS. The game was developed by PeopleFun and released in 2017.

It has single-player and multiplayer options. However, the multiplayer option is only available for tournaments. Players of this game are expected to find words, solve puzzles by using the letters provided on the bottom of the screen. 

There are over 6,000 levels before players reach the master’s level which has other levels too.

The interesting thing about this puzzle is that new puzzles are available every day. This eliminates the problem of continuous repetition.

Dream League Soccer 2020

Coincidentally, the Dream League Soccer game is actually one of the best soccer games for android devices too. The game can be played partially offline and online.

The Dream League Live mode is played online against other players vying for a trophy but the exhibition matches are offline.

This game allows users to build stadiums that suits their taste and design their team’s kit. Also, users can purchase players as long as they accrue winnings from matches.

The players’ names in this game are the same as in real life. There are several divisions users compete in, from bottom-top. These features make the game very attractive and interesting.

The fact that it has both offline and online modes makes it one of the best games for iPhones in 2021.


The best games for iPhone in 2021 are not necessarily games released in 2021. Most are games published earlier but retained their attractions. They are also available on older iPhone models, not just the latest Apple iPhone 13 series.

Some are the latest series released by various developers. Whether you like sports, action, adventure, races, or the more technical puzzle games, you will find the list above very useful.

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