The Best Language Translation Apps of 2022

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The mantra, “There is an app for that” rings true: there are language translation apps that translate not just text, but also text in images, and voice. There are scores of them available to download, but it can be difficult making a choice in that deluge.

This is why we have curated q shirt list of some of the best language translator/translation apps you can try out on your Android smartphone. Take a look at the list below.

The best language translation apps

Top 5 Translator / Translation Apps to download

  1. Google Translate – Probably the most versatile and most popular translation tool today.
  2. Microsoft Translator – This is a free translation app that translates text, voice, conversations, photos, and screenshots. It is available to download from Google Play store, but also to Microsoft 365 subscribers and Office 2019 customers. Microsoft Translator is also want powers Translator for Bing.
  3. WordLens – This free translator app lets you translate text, voice, and text in images into over 70 languages. Features include mukti-person conversation translation.
  4. iTranslate Translator – features text, voice, and text within photos translation in up to 100 languages. Basic services is available for free. Advanced services require a monthly translation.
  5. TextGrabber – This free app lets you grab and digitise text, as well as translate it. It is an offline translation app, and so does not require an Internet connection.

You can find all the above apps to download in Google Play Store.

What is the best free translate app?

Google Translate is probably the most popular translator app, free or paid, and for good reason. So we recommend it. Also take a look at iTranslate as well. These are two of the most reliable translators available today.

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