Boost Mobile Phone Service Reviews

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Boost Mobile is an American wireless service provider owned by Dish Wireless. It uses the T-Mobile and AT&T networks to deliver wireless services. Boost Mobile provides prepaid plans with unlimited data, talk & text and unlimited music streaming without data charges on all plans. This also comes with no annual service contracts.

Boost Mobile Phone Service Reviews

Boost Mobile Phone Service Reviews on Consumer Affairs Website

The Consumer Affairs site had an overall star review rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Let’s start with the good reviews, a lot of customers mentioned that though Boost Mobile is not quite affordable, the prices are reasonable. Some customers also spoke about their good quality and affordable phones and the unlimited data offer.

Some customers seemed happy with the company’s customer service and spoke about different agents who solved their issues. A few customers also mentioned that the company has great coverage and the website is easy to navigate through. Here are some of the good reviews:

•I needed an extra day to pay my bill and called them, and they gave me a free month. Never had that done before with any other company. Can’t say anything but good about Boost Mobile. I’ve been with them for almost 20 years.

•I love the value, particularly the unlimited data aspect of Boost Mobile. You cannot beat the price, the service is on par with major cell carriers. The phone selection is AH-Mazing, with a phone to fit every budget. Family plans are a great incentive. The customer service is somewhat lacking, and it is difficult to get through to, and assistance from a live associate.

•Affordable, reliable, honest. Reputable. I have been their customer for years. And plan to be their customer for years to come and highly suggest this mobile company. If you have an issue, they’re there to help no matter the problem.

Moving onto the bad reviews, it seems like Boost Mobile has a serious issue with refunding because a most of the reviews were about it. A lot of customers complained that they have purchased a phone or SIM card from Boost Mobile and what they purchased never arrived at their doorstep even months later.  They proceeded to reach out to customer service, and they were told they would not be refunded. A few of them were told they would be refunded and even after months they have not been refunded. This made a lot of customers angry, especially one customer who had purchased an iPhone 13 and never got it or was refunded. There were also a few complaints about Boost Mobile suspending and cancelling accounts for no reason and without any notice. A few customers mentioned that they had troubleshooting problems, dropped calls, poor service and internet.  Here are a few of the reviews:

• Very poor service. Do not trust. I bought a phone that was defective and returned it back. Waiting over 45 days to get my money back. Refund. They never did refund me the money. Customer service doesn’t know what they are doing at all. Poor service really. Crooks stealing people’s money. I do not recommend them to anybody. Poor service.

•This company is the worst. Purchased my phone online from their website and when I decided to close out my account two months short of a year they locked my phone even though it was paid for in full they will not unlock it until I reactivate it for two additional months. Attempted to have it unlocked and was never told that it had to be active for one year. They are the worst and I suggest that you do not purchase a phone from them unless you plan to stay with them for a year.

•Hundreds spent on a phone, and it glitches and drops calls every 10 seconds. After returning the phone for a new one, it did the same thing. Jumped through their hoops and no change. Was going to try with another carrier, but boost won’t unlock a phone that has not been in service with them for 1 year. Hundreds wasted. I will not use them again.


Boost Mobile Phone Service Reviews

Boost Mobile phone service reviews on Trustpilot website

The Trustpilot site had an overall star review rating of 1.3 stars out of 5 stars. A lot of the reviews were repetitive. Some customers praised different customers who helped solve their problems. Some customers even mentioned names and thanked the agents in their reviews. A few customers also praised their good service, fast data speed and mentioned that Boost Mobile is easy to set up. Here are a few of the reviews:

•We have been with Boost Mobile for over 3 years now, and have never been happier with a mobile company. The savings are incredible! We have travelled quite a bit and never lost a signal or went roaming. When we buy new phones, I just go to our account and set them up myself. It’s so easy! I know the price makes people wary of the value, but the value is really there!

•This morning my mom’s 6 years old phone died so i went back to her carrier Cricket and they were rude and refused to help me I asked if i bought a new phone if they could transfer the old contacts and photos to the new phone, so the girl said NO that’s up to you so i went to the Boost mobile store down the street and Liz went out of her way to get it done for me I can’t begin to say how much i Appreciated her help

•The customer service has been awesome as well, as when I was in financial trouble and needed a phone, they hooked me up with a free month. I am a lifelong customer.

Now onto the bad reviews, the same complaints were made about customers making purchases and never getting them. And when customer service was contacted, they refused to issue a refund. Some customers also mentioned that customer service agents were rude to them and cut calls or refused to solve their problems. There were also a few complaints by customers who claimed they paid to unlock their phone, but the phones were not unlocked, and some customer service agents could not find a solution and refused to issue refunds to customers. Here are some of the reviews:

•I tried to call multiple times, and it was hard to have them, never helped to replace a SIM card that wasn’t working, and they didn’t want to give me a refund. They kept my money without sending me a replacement card. This is a scam and a steal. Note, the plan that I bought is online only and not available in the store. You can not leave any comment on their website and over the phone they hang out on you because they don’t have any answer to your request.

•This is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I ordered a SIM card to try for one month, but have spent over 3hrs on the phone plus plugging codes on their site trying to get my phone activated. My phone is still not working. I plan to go to their store tomorrow to see what can be done and try to get my money back so that I can switch to another carrier!

•An employee got rude with my sister over a question. Then she bumped her shoulder as a sign of wanting to start a fight. She told my sister she would shoot her. When my sister asked for her name, she refused to give it. So my sister said it won’t be hard to find out, I’ll tell them black girl with green in her hair. They then followed her to my car. 4 people. All behind the counter, and not one but her, an employee. Very unprofessional.


Boost Mobile Phone Service Reviews

Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews on different sites, it seems like Boost Mobile has a lot of improvements to make in satisfying customers.

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