How to Change Your Apple ID Email Address: A Step-by-Step Guide

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All of Apple’s services, including Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and many others, are accessible through your Apple ID. In essence, without your Apple ID, you can’t fully enjoy all the benefits the Apple ecosystem has to offer. 

As such, it’s important to safeguard your account, so you should change your Apple ID whenever you start using a new email address or if you ever misplace the one you were using. If you don’t know how to change your Apple ID email address, there’s no need to worry.

In this guide, we’ve discussed different ways to easily change your Apple ID email address if the need ever arises. It’s pretty easy, so keep reading to find out.

Easy Ways to Change Your Apple ID Email Address

First things first, you need to log out of any Apple device connected to your Apple ID before you change your Apple ID email address. Additionally, make sure your iCloud backup is current to prevent losing crucial information like contacts or other relevant data.

You should also confirm that you know your email account’s password because you’ll also need access to it to verify the change.

Now, proceed to any of the methods described below to change your Apple ID email address.

Using the Website to Change your Apple ID Email Address

Follow the steps below if you choose to change your Apple ID email address via the website:

  • On your iPhone, Mac, or PC, navigate to and sign in using your current Apple ID and password. If you can’t remember your Apple ID password, it’s simple to reset it.
  • You can go directly to the Sign-In and Security portion of the website. To proceed, tap the Apple ID tab.
  • Next, fill out the Change your Apple ID box with your new email address. If the email address you provided isn’t valid, it signifies that another Apple user is already using it. You’ll need to use an alternative email address or set up a new Apple ID if the person doesn’t remove that email from their account.
  • You will be prompted to enter a verification number that was sent to your new email address after clicking Change Apple ID. Search for the code in your inbox, then type it into the corresponding fields. Make sure you are checking the correct email if you can’t locate the verification code. Try looking for the most recent email that “” sent.
  • The dialog box will close after you enter the verification code, signifying that you have succeeded in changing your Apple ID email address.
  • Using your new Apple ID, log in to all of your Apple products and services. It’s important to note that within 30 days of the previous modification, you’ll be unable to change your Apple ID email address.

Also note that only non-Apple email accounts, such as those with the,, or email domains, can have their Apple IDs changed. You won’t be able to change your Apple ID email address if it employs a proprietary domain such as,, or

You can check out and then sign in with another Apple ID if you simply want to move to another Apple ID account.

Using your iPhone’s Settings to Change your Apple ID Email Address

Through the Settings app on your iPhone, you can also change your Apple ID email address. This is how to get it done:

  • Launch your iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Click your name at the screen’s top portion, then access the Name, Phone Numbers, and Email area.
  • From the Contactable At section, select Edit.
  • After that, click Delete on the screen’s right side after tapping the red minus (-) sign next to your name.
  • Select Continue to confirm that you wish to delete your current email and create a new one on the pop-up page.
  • On the new screen that displays, type in or paste the email address you intend to use for your Apple ID.
  • Use the email that Apple sends to your new Apple ID email address to confirm your new address.

You’re all done at this point, it’s that easy to change your Apple ID email address from your iPhone’s settings.

Summarily, using the instructions we’ve provided in this guide, it’s really easy to change your Apple ID email address. So, make sure to follow this guide correctly to get your desired results.

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