4 things you should consider when choosing a mobile

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With so many different mobile phones in the market, it can be a daunting task selecting what device to buy for your use. Here are a few tips:


1. Display And Size
How large a display do you need? The size of modern phones is usually directly proportional to the size of their displays. What type of tasks do you want to carry out with your phone? You will need a large screen if you intend reading documents or watching videos. For videos, you do need more than just size. You need a sharp, crisp screen.

2. What Connectivity Options?
If you need internet on the move, don’t settle for anything that does not have at least 3G. And if you need super-fast access, a HSDPA/3.5G phone is a must.

If you hang around hotspots a lot, you should be looking at a device with a Wi-Fi radio too. No point ignoring those high-speed WLAN networks around you!

As for local connectivity, if you will be transferring files from one device to another, a phone with bluetooth and/or USB connectivity is a must.

3. Preferred Text Input
If you need to input a fairly good amount of text, you certainly need a device with a QWERTY keyboard. You won’t get laptop speeds, but it is way better than the multi-typing on regular phone keypads.

Modern touchscreen phones also have very good on-screen keyboard options. You can look in that direction as well. Just beware of the menace of autocorrect, or you could end up typing out a disastrous email.

4. Battery Life
In many parts of the world and in certain working scenarios, a very good battery performance is important. If important to you, be sure to ask about it.

You may have other criteria that you need to ask about, depending on your specific needs. The summary is that you should ask questions before you spend your hard – earned money on that new smartphone.

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  1. Another great piece as usual. However, I couldn’t help but notice a somewhat obvious omission. These days there are those looking to their mobile phone to provide them entertainment on the move. For such people, they should look out for mobile phones with good speakers, built-in FM radio, large memmory whether built-in or external.

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