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How to connect your Smart TV to the Internet in 2 easy ways

Congratulations on the purchase of your first Smart TV. Now, you want to connect it to the internet, after all what is the point of having a Smart TV without it being online? How do you Netflix and chill? In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through how to connect your smart TV to the Internet in a few easy steps.


There are two key ways to connect your Smart TV to the internet. One is via a wireless connection, while the other is via a wired connection. We walk you through both ways in this article.

Connect Your Smart TV Using A Wireless Connection

Using a wireless connection means you can avoid messy wiring all over the place. Your Smart TV should have Wi-Fi support built in. So, you will need a hotspot. You can use a router, a mi-fi, or even the hotspot feature on your smartphone or tablet to share internet with your Smart TV.

If you are using your smartphone, make sure you have a reliable 4G connection or else you must be prepared to endure a lot of buffering and stuttering while using your TV.


connect your smart tv to the internet
You can connect your Smart TV to the Internet using a wireless Connection

Here are the steps to connect your Smart TV to the internet via Wi-Fi. Note that depending on your Smart TV’s brand, the exact name and process may differ slightly, but will fit within these steps:

  1. Turn on your router/Wi-Fi/smartphone hotspot
  2. Press the Menu (or Smart) button on your Smart TV’s remote
  3. Select Network and then Network Settings
  4. Your Smart TV Should attempt to connect to a wireless network. If it doesn’t find one, it will attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi. If it does, you are good to go and may skip the next steps. If it does not connect, proceed with the following steps.
  5. Select Set up a wireless connection
  6. Select your Wi-Fi wireless network name from the list of available hotspots
  7. Type your Wi-Fi password using your remote’s keypad.
  8. Your Smart TV should now be connected to your Wi-Fi and is internet-connected.
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If you are using your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection and your Smart TV is unable to see it i.e. your phone’s Wifi isn’t listed as an available hotspot, it is likely that your phone hotspot is not compatible with the Smart Tv’s WiFi radio.


To verify, you can go to your phone’s Settings -> Mobile hotspot, and find where you can change the AP band. Change it, save and try again to see if it is listed as available by the smart TV. If it isn’t still listed, then you may have to purchase a mifi or router to connect your smart TV to the Internet.

Connect Your Smart TV Using A Wired Connection

With a wired connection, you will need a LAN or Ethernet cable, with which you will connect your Smart TV to your router. The benefits of wired over wireless include faster Internet speeds and less interruptions.

Here is what to do:


  1. Find the LAN or Ethernet port on the back of your Smart TV (see the diagram below)connect smart tv to internet WiredConnectionYou can connect your Smart TV to the Internet using a Wired Connection
  2. Plug the cable into the LAN/Ethernet port on your TV and then plug it into your router as well.
  3. Select the Menu or Smart button on your TV’s remote
  4. Select Network and then Network Settings
  5. Your Smart TV Should attempt to connect to a wireless network. If it doesn’t find one, it will attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi. If it does not attempt any connection, skip this step.
  6. Select the option to enable wired internet and click Start Connection
  7. Your Smart TV will automatically connect to your wired network and it is online.
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Now that you have been able to connect your Smart TV to the Internet, it is time for you to get some popcorn and drinks, and invite friends over for an evening of streaming movies.

Honor Smart TV

Everything You Wanted To Know About Smart TVs

Here is a quick guide answering the most commonly asked questions about smart TVs.


What is a smart TV?

A Smart TV is an Internet-connected television set. It has everything else a standard TV set has, plus integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 so you can stream video and music content and even browse the internet.

What is the difference between a smart TV and a regular TV?

The main difference between a smart TV and a regular one is that a smart TV can access the Internet – just like your PC, tablet, and smartphone. That Internet access is used to access video and audio on apps and services like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.

Do smart TVs have built in WiFi?

To connect your smart TV to the Internet, it requires an Internet connection. That connection is via WiFi. Smart TVs have built-in WiFi for connecting to the Internet. So, if you want to use one, you need a home router and Wifi or a mifi portable hotspot.

Can a smart TV be used as a normal TV?

Yes; a smart TV can be used to access regular TV channels as well.

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