Are US And UK iPhones The Same? The Super Guide

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Recently, someone asked me if there is any difference between US and UK iPhone models. iPhones in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) are quite similar, but there are some differences and considerations that buyers should be aware of, and I will highlight them below. I will also answer some questions that people have about Apple iPhones in the United Kingdom.

The major difference between US and UK iPhones has to do with supported wireless networks. Another difference has to do with the lock status of the phones. Let’s have a look at the details below.

What is the difference between US and UK iPhone?

Difference between US and UK iPhones

US iPhone models support both GSM and CDMA networks. GSM is the global standard that the rest of the world adopted for 2G and 3G networks. The United States went with CDMA. A carrier like Verizon in the USA runs its older generation networks on CDMA technology. UK iPhones will not work on such a network.

In addition, US iPhones also support US LTE carriers, while UK iPhones support UK LTE networks. While there is some overlapping, there are incompatibilities on both sides.

The other difference between US and UK iPhones is that US models generally are sold locked to a network and available on a small monthly payment. In the United Kingdom, Apple iPhones are sold unlocked and at their full prices. That is pretty much how iPhones are sold in most places around the world. The US market is the unique one. Of course, you can now buy unlocked iPhones in the US as well.

Another, not so significant, difference between US and UK iPhones is in the wall charger types. Because the UK uses a different electrical plug standard and type compared to the United States, iPhones sold in the UK come with power adapters that have three rectangular prongs.

There are definitely differences in language and localization, but those are relatively minor differences, as well.

Lastly, you will find differences in availability of apps depending on whether you are in the US or the UK. Some apps that are available to US users are unavailable to UK users.

In summary, the key difference between US and UK iPhones is 2G/3G/4G incompatibility, as the UK and US carriers use different bands. As such, of you purchase in the US, depending on the UK network you want to use it on, your US iPhone may not work in the UK, and vice versa.

Also, charging plug standards differ, but usually, cell phone users can find a workaround to that.

Difference between US and UK iPhones

Similarities between US and UK iPhones

Having looked at the differences between US and UK iPhones, here are the similarities:

Both US and UK iPhones typically come with a one-year limited warranty from Apple. AppleCare+ can be purchased for extended coverage. Service and support options are available through Apple stores and authorized service providers in both countries.

Thanks to a stable exchange rate between the dollar and the pounds sterling, the prices of US and UK iPhones tend to be fairly at par for the most part.

Answers to questions about UK iPhones

Is iPhone cheap in the UK?

Not at all. Apple iPhones are premium devices and cost a pretty penny. The prices are usually at par with what they cost in the United States, though.

What is the price of iPhone in United Kingdom?

It depends on which model you are interested in. For example, the cheapest iPhone model of this year, Apple iPhone SE (2022), sells for £419 (4/64 GB), £467 (4/128 GB), and £558 (4/256 GB).

iPhone 13 Pro Max starts from £1049 (128 GB) and goes as high as £1493 (1TB).

Are iPhones made in the UK?

Not at all. Apple iPhones are currently manufactured in China and India.

How do I know if my iPhone is UK?

Apple classifies iPhones meant for the United Kingdom under “International” and allocates a model number to that category. To confirm if your iPhone is a USA or UK (International) model, check the label on the sales box. Better still, to be absolutely sure that you are buying an iPhone meant for your country, buy from only official Apple channels.

Are US and UK iPhones different in design?

Physically, they are the same – in design, size, and weight. The difference between US and UK iPhones is mostly about network compatibility.

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