Need to Free Up iPhone Storage Space? Here are 3 ways to do it

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Many iPhone users experience issues with storage space shortage and soon need to free up iPhone storage space. At one point or the other, many of us have experienced a lack of storage space at a crucial time. This typically arises from apps, Messages, music, or (most frequently) images, and videos.

Regrettably, there’s no way to upgrade the storage on an iPhone. You, therefore, have three options: either upgrade to a phone with larger storage, add more iCloud storage, or free up storage space that’s already in use on your iPhone.

How to Free Up iPhone Storage space

The first two options may not be instantly possible for you. That’s why this guide will show you different ways to free up iPhone storage space, regardless of which iPhone model you are using.

How Can I Free Up iPhone Storage Space?

There are several options to choose from if you’re looking for a way to free up iPhone storage space. Consider the following:

Find Out What’s Taking Up Storage Space

A function for iPhone Storage is available in more recent versions of iOS. Compared to the previous Storage and iCloud Usage section, it is a good improvement. You can navigate to Settings > General iPhone Storage to locate it.

You’ll be able to quickly see how much storage space your smartphone has here. The apps here will be listed in decreasing order based on how much storage each app uses. 

iOS recommends space-saving techniques like automatically deleting outdated messages, huge message attachments, and saving messages directly to iCloud. You can take advantage of any of these options to free up iPhone storage space.

You can also remove data from this location in some of Apple’s default apps. For instance, you can clear all website data from Safari, delete individual videos after reviewing them, and delete music from the Music app.

Delete or Offload Apps to Free Up iPhone Storage

When you’ve followed the above instructions to locate storage-consuming apps, the next thing to do is delete or offload them to free up iPhone storage space.

To access comprehensive information about an app’s storage consumption, tap it in the list under Settings > General > iPhone Storage. You’ll see the choice to delete the app or offload it at the bottom.

Remove App deletes the application along with all of its data. The process is identical to removing the app from the home screen.

Offload App, on the other hand, keeps your personal information while deleting the app’s essential files. It enables you to uninstall the application, and your crucial data will still be present when you reinstall it.

So with this option, you can delete any files you deem unnecessary, uninstall apps you rarely use, and uninstall games you’ve already completed to free up iPhone storage space.

Delete Old Photos and Videos to Free Up iPhone Storage

On most people’s iPhones, a lot of space gets taken up by videos and images. You can do the following to get rid of them and free up iPhone storage space:

● Activate iCloud Pictures to save space on your smartphone by uploading your images and videos to the cloud.

● Use your computer to back up your iPhone’s photographs and movies after copying them there. Remove them from your device after that.

● Make sure to delete the Recently Deleted category in Photos after you’ve cleaned up your photo stream.

● Choose and remove outdated Live Photos (also delete photos taken in Burst Mode). The three-second moving images might be using a significant amount of room.

Note that you can completely turn off Live Photos, but we don’t advise it because they contribute to creating priceless memories. Also, you can turn them into videos and GIFs. 

There is no need to save both the regular images and HDR versions if you frequently shoot with your iPhone’s Smart HDR feature active. 

Delete Old Messages to Free Up iPhone Storage

Unattended spam messages, SMS, and iMessage can accumulate on your iPhone over time. By having them disappear on their own after a while, you can restrict the number of messages that your phone stores and free up iPhone storage space. Here’s how to do it:

● Navigate to Settings and select Messages by scrolling down the list.

● Go to the message history section.

● Instead of Forever, select 30 days or 1 year.

● On the confirmation prompt for deleting older messages, click Delete.

In summary, we hope our recommendations in this guide help you to free up iPhone storage space successfully.

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