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From Essential to Nothing

Remember Essential? That is the mobile brand by Android co-founder, Andy Rubin and the company behind the Essential PH-1 Phone (see my review).

Yes. There is news that the new company founded by former OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, has acquired Essential. If you have been following the news, you already know that the name of Pei’s new company is Nothing Technologies Ltd.

According to filings in the UK, Essential’s brand assets have been transferred to Nothing Technologies. So, yeah; this is a case of going from Essential to Nothing.

It does look like this is a marriage made in heaven. Both companies have a mission to release an ecosystem of devices that inter-connect and talk to each other. Pretty much an Internet of Things (IoT) affair.

So we can expect a range of IoT devices – including smart bands – in the future from Nothing.
Nothing Technologies Ltd

There is no word yet as to whether Nothing will resurrect the Essential phone project. Will we eventually see a Nothing phone? I will personally love to see that.

I loved the Essential PH-1, though it never hit its full potentials and didn’t sell well first time around.

I’d like to see a brand light up my heart with great hardware, pure Android OS and software updates as fast as what you get with Google Pixels. Add great battery life and a great camera to that mix, and I am good.

What we do know is that Nothing has plans to produce and sell a pair of TWS earbuds and other wearables. As it is, a Nothing phone is left to the whims of the gods.

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You can find details of the filing HERE.

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