Gas App Availability in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

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In 2022, a new social networking app sprung up in Apple’s App Store. Called Gas app, it was designed to be a social network for American high school kids, and it works so well that it caught on quickly and became the top free download in the App Store for a while, beating TikTok and BeReal to the top spot.

How does Gas app work? Gas, in this case, does not refer to gasoline. It refers to the urban lingo word that means to compliment and hype someone up. Pretty much, the app lets school kids tell one another what they love about one another. No more. No less. How it does that is that it lets users send compliments to their friends. The compliments are totally anonymous, so you have no idea who just sent you one. But it works. Everyone loves a compliment, and getting one even from an anonymous sender is good for head and heart.

Gas app is for high school kids

How does Gas app prevent users from degenerating into negative behaviour? By offering only a preset number of options that users can pick from to send. You cannot create your own custom compliment or text. It is quite limiting, but it works. Too much freedom to create and this app could easily become Grouch app. Thankfully, there is no opportunity for dunking. Everything here is positive.

Who created Gas app?

Gas app was created in by a team of four, namely: Nikita Bier, Isaiah Turner, Dave Schatz, and Michael Gutierrez. It was originally called Melt when it was launched in August 2022 and later had its name changed to Crush, and then to Gas. The app was acquired by Discord in January 2023, and the four developers became members of staff at the new parent company.

Where is Gas app available in the United States? Is Gas app available in Canada?

Gas app was originally available only in handful of states in the United States. It was not originally available in Canada. That has changed, however., and the app is now available in most of the US and in Canada.

Is Gas app free?

The app is free to download and use, though a “God Mode” is available for a monthly subscription of $6.99. What the “God Mode” does is provide hints about who sent you a compliment. It doesn’t remove the anonymity and tell you who; it just hints you.

Is the Gas app safe to use?

As with all social networking apps, Gas has its issues, but as far as social networking goes, it is no worse than any of the others.

Is Gas app available for Android users?

The app was originally designed only for iPhone users and has remained so till date. As at the time of this article in February 2023, Gas app is still available only for iPhone users. You can download it from the App Store by clicking HERE.

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