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Find Your Lost AirPods

AirPods are expensive to purchase, and losing them can be very painful considering the price. Personally, I can admit that I have carelessly dropped my TWS earphones (not AirPods) and spent a good amount of time searching the whole place for it only to find it lying under the throw pillows.

That is how frustrating it can be to find these wireless earphones, if you are an AirPods user you might share in my pain. Looking for misplaced AirPods is no easy task due to their size, well as long as you have your iPhone with you, it is easier to find your lost AirPods. How?

One very beautiful thing about Apple products is that they all operate under the same ecosystem, hence they can be easily interconnected with one another. AirPods are not left out here, these devices are part of that large ecosystem. Due to the fact stated above, Apple has been able to build some nifty features into the AirPods that make them quite easy to find in case you misplace them.

In this article, we will show you how you can find your lost AirPods by taking a few easy steps on your iPhone.

How To Find Your Lost AirPods Using Your iPhone

Apple has been adding a lot of new features to its products to make them more user-friendly, but one feature we will be looking at here is the “Find” feature. The Find feature is used not only  to tell the location of an AirPods but any other Apple product.

Apple released the “Find” feature for all Apple products, this includes AirPods of any generation. So, how can you use this feature to enable you to find your lost AirPods? The following steps will guide you on how you can find your misplaced AirPods using this feature.

  • Open the “Find my iPhone” app on your phone, if you do not have it then consider clicking on  this link.
  • The app has a list of all Apple products you own or have linked to this service. Now find your AirPods in the device list.
  • You will see a map of where all your Apple devices are located, your AirPods should be among them.
  • Tap on the AirPods icon on the map.
  • Select the direction option and physically track your AirPods using the map and tell when you are getting closer to them.
  • If they are still hidden from you, then select the play sound option. Your AirPods will begin to make sounds to help you better locate them.

By following these steps, you will be able to find your lost AirPods. Note that the steps will work only if your AirPods are connected to your device, so try to leave your AirPods connected to your device whenever they are out of the case, this will make it easier for you to find them in case they go missing.

It is very advisable that you leave your Bluetooth on at any given time, this is to enable your AirPods to automatically connect to your iPhone the moment they are pulled out of the case. By doing this, it will be easier for you to use the “Find” feature to get your AirPods whenever they go missing.

Now that we have seen how to use Find My feature to pinpoint the exact location of your AirPods, let us now see how to set up the Find My feature. Go to your iPhones settings, type in your name (this only works if you have an Apple ID) then go to iCloud. Now scroll down to Find My and click on it, then  in the settings that show up click on Find My iPhone and toggle it on. Ensure to also turn on all other settings available, the moment you are done with this all Apple products you have connected with your iPhone will be registered.

What if you lost the AirPods at a different location? In such an instance, the “Find my iPhone” app will show you the last location where the AirPods were connected to your iPhone, and you can take it up from there.

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