How to Record Calls on an iPhone

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Due to national and state-specific regulatory restrictions, Apple decided against including a call recording feature for the iPhone. Apple’s outstanding privacy settings are one of the reasons it has attracted so many customers from around the world. However, if you must record phone calls on an iPhone, there are a few workarounds you may try.

In this guide, we’ll teach you the available methods that can help you record calls on an iPhone. So, keep reading and pay attention to the instructions we’ve included in this easy guide.

How to Record Calls on an iPhone

How Can I Record Calls on an iPhone?

When you want to record calls on an iPhone, you have different methods to choose from. We’ve described some of them below, so feel free to choose the one that works best for you.

Record Calls on an iPhone Without Apps

This is most likely the quickest and simplest method to try if you want to record phone calls on an iPhone without spending money on applications. It should be noted that this technique requires a second audio-recording device that has a microphone, such as another iPhone, an iPad, a computer, or a portable recorder.

It’s a straightforward process as long as you’re in a quiet area and you have access to your iPhone’s speakerphone:

  • Dial the person’s number and select the Speaker icon. Inform your call companion that you will be using your iPhone to record the session.
  • After your call partner has permitted you, start recording with your external recorder.
  • Set your iPhone as close as possible to the recorder’s microphone. If you want your own audio to also be captured, keep your body close to the recording device.
  • End the call when you’re done talking, then save the recording

You can capture the call using Apple’s Voice Memos app on another iOS device. We advise using Audacity, a free audio editing and recording powerhouse if you’re trying to record calls on a Mac or PC. 

Record Calls on an iPhone Using Google Voice

In the US and Canada, Google Voice is a free Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calling service. You can use it to make free domestic and international calls, get a voicemail box, and get a free phone number (as per the Google Voice calling rates). One other benefit of Google Voice which is the most relevant to this guide is the ability to record phone calls on an iPhone.

However, you must first spend some time configuring the service before you can proceed to record calls on an iPhone. Make sure that it’s not for your employer or place of school that you’re trying to set up or use Voice for Google Workspace accounts. You’ll be unable to use the recording feature otherwise.

Setting up Google Voice is as follows:

  • Google Voice can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Log in using your Google account after opening it.
  • Click Search. From the list, select the new phone number you’d like to connect to your Google Voice account.
  • Verify the number. Click Next when asked to provide your phone number.
  • Type in the iPhone’s phone number. After you confirm, watch out for a verification code.
  • To verify your new Google Voice configuration, input the code you just received..

Before you can proceed to record calls on an iPhone, there is one more step you must take. Access the Google Voice website while logged into your Google account. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the page to open the Settings menu.

Select the Calls tab from the menu on the left of this page. Then, by clicking the widget to the right of the widget, scroll downwards and activate Incoming call options.

By tapping the 4 key on your iPhone number pad when you get a call using your Google Voice account, you can begin to record it. When you do this, Google will notify the caller that they are being recorded. You can download the recording for later use from your Google Voice mailbox.

Unfortunately, for security and regulatory reasons, Google Voice cannot be used on iPhones to record an outgoing call.

Record Calls on an iPhone with Third-Party Apps

If you reside in the USA and have a functional US phone number, a third-party program called Rev Call Recorder is another excellent choice to record calls on an iPhone. Rev Call Recorder can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

When you initially open the app, you must confirm your phone number by entering it when prompted and entering the code that is provided. The software has integrated instructions, although the process is a little complex.

After that is finished, select Outgoing Call or Incoming Call once you’ve clicked Start Recorded Call. Before you dial the number of the contact you want to speak with, dial the Rev Call Recorder tool for outgoing calls. Click the Merge Calls button after the calls are joined to start recording.

For incoming calls, the process is a little different but still simple. When the call is over, Rev Call Recorder will get in touch with you to inform you when your recorded call is available to download. At this point, optional paid transcription solutions will also become available

Unlike many other call recording services, the key advantage of Rev Call Recorder is that the person you’re calling will see your phone number instead of an unknown number.

However, because your calls are saved on another company’s servers, you generally shouldn’t use this service for confidential or delicate situations.

Finally, now that you know the basics, you can record phone calls on an iPhone using whatever method you choose. It’s also possible to record calls on an iPhone using voicemail, so if none of these options work, consider trying that out.

However, bear in mind that every mobile service provider and iOS device works a little bit differently, so you might need to test out a few recording techniques before you find the one that works best for you. Also, ensure to get consent before recording calls to prevent any legal issues.

If you know anyone else interested in knowing how to record calls on an iPhone, recommend this guide to them.

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