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The Samsung A13 is the successor to the highly successful Samsung Galaxy A12. Like its predecessor, it is affordable and generally gets the job done without much fuss. But it isn’t the most powerful smartphone on the block. Because it is a mid-range cellphone, sometimes its resources are stretched thin and it begins to run slower than usual, maybe even enough to annoy you, which is why you are reading this article. Bellow, I share a few things you can do to make your Samsung A13 faster.

The key thing you need to know are the two factors affecting your phone’s performance: the processor and RAM. The processor determines how powerful your device is, while the RAM determines how smoothly apps launch and run on the phone. RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary storage for running apps. We can’t do anything about the processor, but RAM usage can be managed. Bear this in mind, as we provide ways to make your Samsung A13 faster.

How to Make Your Samsung A13 Faster and Perform Better
How to make your Samsung A13 faster

Make your Samsung A13 faster by not using many apps at the same time

Whether you own the vanilla version, the Nacho variant, or the Indian variant, your Galaxy A13 is equipped with 3 GB, 4 GB, or 6 GB RAM, depending on the variant you purchased. The lower the RAM, the easier you need to go on your phone. This is because it has less resources for apps to run with. If you switch between a lot of apps on it, the RAM gets used up and the phone begins to slow down.

The same way you shouldn’t attempt to drive a city car like a Formula 1 race car, don’t push your Samsung A13 too hard. It isn’t designed to handle the heaviest pressure. Switching lots of apps means they keep running in the background, using up precious resources. If you have used a lot of apps on the phone, you need to shut down those apps to keep things running smoothly. To do this, open the running apps menu, then slide up on the app you want to close. Repeat this for as many apps as you need to shut down.

Make your Samsung A13 faster by using Device Care auto-optimisation

Device Care is a feature that you can use to auto-optimise your Samsung A13 for better performance. How it works is that when you are not using your phone and the screen is off, the feature closes any background apps (it doesn’t touch your most recently used apps). It is a good idea to set Device Care to auto-optimise your Samsung A13 at night when you are asleep.

  • To do this, go to Settings > Battery and Device Care.
  • Tap the Options icon.
  • Tap Automation.
  • Tap Auto optimise daily.
  • Tap Time.
  • Set the clock to the time you would like Auto optimise to run, e.g. 2am
  • Tap Done.
  • Tap the switch next to Close apps to free up memory.

That is it; you now have auto-optimisation helping you to free up memory while you sleep. You wake up to your Samsung A13 ready to perform at its best for the day.

Make your Samsung A13 faster by restarting your phone

Restarting your cellphone on a regular basis, say weekly, is an easy way of clearing its memory of junk. This is low hanging fruit. You will be amazed how much smoother or faster your Samsung A13 runs just because you do this. Restart your Samsung A13 at least once a week to make it faster.

Make your Samsung A13 faster by not clogging it up with app updates

Every time you run app updates, your cellphone storage gets clogged up with extra baggage. Each updated app takes up more system space – even those apps that you do not use, especially those pre-installed by Samsung. What to do? Do not turn on automatic app updates. Instead, make it a duty to manually update only the apps that you use or need.

Make your Samsung A13 faster by keeping it from getting hot

You already know that overheating is a bad thing for any kind of electronic or machinery. If your phone heats up significantly, that impacts its performance, and it will slow down if you do not let it cool off. Keep your cellphone away from hot environments. If while using your Samsung A13, it begins to heat up, put it down and let it cool off for a while. It will serve you better if you treat it right this way.

With these few tips, you should see your Samsung A13 perform better, and run faster and smoother. All the best.

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