Meet Sharp’s robot phone, RoBoHoN

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Every now and then, someone comes along with something that gives us a glimpse of the future. In this case, Sharp is the culprit. The Japanese brand has a concept phone that talks, walks, dances, and relates with you like a human would. Think of a futuristic personal assistant that reminds you of appointments, reads out and composes your messages, takes photographs for you, and projects images. It does everything other phones do, but on a different, more personally intimate level.

Say hello to RoBoHoN.

Robohon interaction

Certainly, there has to be some level of artificial intelligence involved here. The whole idea is to have an assistant who helps get things done with minimal touch interaction. Almost all interaction is via voice and face recognition. The display is small (just 2.0-inch) and on the back of the robot. Hmmmm. It also certainly looks odd held up to the head for voice calls.

Robohon all

Robohon has got 3G, 4G LTE, Wifi, email, telephone, camera, and projector

Here is a video demonstrating the concept phone.

What do you think? Would you want something like this?



  1. the Japanese certainly love their robotics & AI and they’re ahead of the field (at least in commercial robotics)
    their optics though, are not so good

  2. Interesting concept,with further inroads into the realm of artificial intelligence such digitalised PAs will become more and more a normal part of every day life and expect the Japanese to be at the fore front of it..

  3. With everything being penciled for automation, doesn’t the human race stand the risk of eventual annihilation from being too sedentary physically and mentally? The robots would take over our jobs, then not allow us use our brains to do simple things it is designed to do (like remembering things)?

    How doesn’t the brain atrophy if it is not exercised actively (like any unused muscle would)?


  4. the brain is not a muscle though
    well, it’s a distinct possibility but we’re quite a long way from that point that it’s only an academic consideration

  5. A nice gimmick but what about battery life?

    I can see people relying more on Siri, Google Now, Cortana and BlackBerry Assistant, but I can’t see myself holding a mini robot to my ear to make a phone call. Still, it would be a nice device to have at a party (and I bet the voice in English won’t sound half as cute as in Japanese!)

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