Microsoft Edge Preview for Android, iOS take on Chrome

I like the new Microsoft. It is unfortunate that the company made a mess of Windows Phone, but I really like the new approach. The company’s new drive in mobile application development for Android OS and iOS is in the right direction. The latest out of Redmond is that they are taking on Google in the mobile browser war. Microsoft Edge Preview for Android and for iOS is out and ready for as many as will love to take it for an early spin.

Microsoft Edge preview for Android and iOS

I have mentioned how good Microsoft Edge is a few times. Having used it on both a Windows PC and a Windows smartphone, it is a huge improvement over its predecessor, Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is a very modern web browser.

What To Expect From Microsoft Edge Preview for Android

  1. You will be able to sync your information (passwords, favourites, browsing history) and use them across your devices – PC, tablet and smartphone.
  2. Find, view, and share content with a built-in QR Code Reader to pull up information at a touch of a button
  3. You will be able to use Voice Search while browsing the web
  4. If you are concerned about your privacy, InPrivate mode is available as well.

The same set of features are available on the iOS version too.

Download Edge Mobile To Your Smartphone

The new browser isn’t available in the Android market app yet. It isn’t available in the Apple appstore either. Access to it is currently restricted to Windows Insiders.

If you aren’t registered as an Insider yet, you can join in. Head over to this page to get started.


    1. So I’ve had the Edge Preview for 5 days now and it’s been my default browser on my phone. So far so good, the only snag being that I’ll need to update my system OS to the Fall Creators Update to enjoy some features like sending webpages to my other devices and continuing from where I left off on my pc etc

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