Nokia 6610 review: Doing Business in Style

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Nokia 6610 review: Doing Business in Style

Form Factor
The Nokia 6610 has a beautiful form factor. The size is just right – not too small, and not large by modern standards. It is actually a beautiful phone.

4096 colours on a 128 x 128 pixel display is fine by me. At least all images come out sharp and clear. One complaint – the backlight is just too strong. Try using the phone in total darkness, and you’ll see that your eyes actually hurt looking at it. I have to hold it off in order to be able to use it in the dark.

Here is a winner. The 6610’s keypad is one of the better ones out there. I doubt if anyone will have a problem using it. I have large fingers, yet found the keys comfortable.

Battery Performance
Good. Very good. My mobile almost never leaves my hands. I am constantly doing something with it, and the 6610 has plenty to play with. Yet, the battery lasted days. I listened to radio stations regularly, played with applications, WAP browser, sent and received multimedia messages…oh, and made calls, of course. Battery-wise, it out-did any phone I ever tested.

Signal Sensitivity
Another outstanding performance here. The 6610 picks and holds on to weak signals quite well.

There’s Infra-red, and there’s a data cable slot. Good enough, as Bluetooth is yet to catch on in this part of the world.

MMS: Multi-media Messaging
This feature works well. I ran the test on GloMobile’s network. It works really well. The only complaint I have is, I’m wondering why in the world did Nokia exclude the ability to include sound in outgoing MMS? Why would they do something like that? Why?

FM Radio
The built-in FM radio is a dream! Cool FM, Star 101.5, Rhythm… name it. And it all came out CD quality sound on both the stereo headset and the built-in handsfree speakerphone. The whole family could catch up on news together during NEPA blackouts without straining our ears to pick up the broadcasts.

Handsfree Speakerphone
This is the best I have seen. No other manufacturer I know has come out with a speakerphone that works this well. The sound comes out clear, and you can actually leave the phone on one spot and talk while busy with your hands.

Other Features
•Downloadable Java games and applications
•Currency Converter
•Calendar, plus scheduler

In many ways, the 6610 stands out. Definitely a phone targeted at the business segment of the mobile market. Without doubt, a piece of work that qualifies as a MobilityArena Pick!

My verdict: Highly recommended.

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